Our 2022 garden: replacement seeds in

I was happy to find a small package waiting for me at the post office, today. Our replacement seeds from Veseys had come in!

Ginger REALLY wanted to be in the picture! 😀

You can read about our first seed order for 2022, and why we chose what we did, in this post.

This image from the Veseys website is what the mature Winter Sweet squash is supposed to look like. I am really happy with Veseys, and their excellent customer service when we found we got a patty pan squash by mistake.

We will be placing another order at the end of the month or beginning of December. For the next few months, seed orders are part of our budget. With what I’m seeing at various sites right now, I think I will be making a point of ordering seed potatoes from the one place I’ve found where they actually have some in stock again. Everywhere else I’ve looked, potatoes are still marked as sold out. There are a couple of Canadian seed sites and nurseries we’ve never ordered from before that I want to try this year. We really need to be ordering fruit and nut trees and berry bushes this year, as those can take years before they start producing.

The girls and I will have to set ourselves down, go over our plans, see if anything needs to be changed, and make some decisions. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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