Twenty – and a marvelous surprise!

Since the blizzard hit, I’ve been trying to get a head count on the outside cats, every chance I get. That we were consistently seeing “only” 17 or 18 at once had me concerned about the missing ones, but with how much they mill about, I couldn’t even tell which ones were missing!

Well, this morning, I am much relieved.

After topping up their kibble trays, I counted 17 again. Then another one showed up after they got their warm water. Finally, I saw Ghost Baby ghosting her way across the yard and disappearing behind the kibble house, for 19. Awesome! Just short one fur baby.

Then, as I started down the driveway, Rosencrantz emerged from under the garage door. Twenty!! Yes! For the first time since the blizzard, all 20 outside cats, including the Distinguished Guest, are all accounted for!

I am happy.

When checking the gate, I could see that the road was plowed, so I headed out to get the mail. There, I found an awesome surprise!

A dear, awesome, fabulous friend sent us a replacement heated water bowl – and that thing is HUGE!!!

One and a half gallon capacity! Thermostatically controlled, too, so it won’t stay on constantly.

Thank you, my awesome friend! You’re the best!

Later today, I’ll snag a daughter to wrestle the cats’ house roof open so we can plug it in and set it up.

The cats are going to really love having enough warm water to last all of them, all day!!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Twenty – and a marvelous surprise!

    • Well, unless the cats get violent with it (which they do try to do! LOL), this should last a lot more than a year. The only reason the old one isn’t being used (and it also had only a 1 year guarantee) was because the cats kept knocking it over, and the cord wore out right where it entered the bowl. There was no exposed metal, so we could probably use it safety after applying a bit of electric tape, but the location makes that difficult to apply.

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