Eye update

When heading out this morning, I made extra effort to take a closer look at Tuxedo Mask’s red eye.

He even let me pet him, while he was in the kibble house!

The eye is still really gross and leaky, but looking a lot better than yesterday.

Then I saw Broccoli.

Who also has a red, leaking eye.


I was able to get some decent photos, though. Once back inside, I called up the vet, then later emailed them a couple of photos.

I got a response, and they have an opening for us this afternoon, if we could bring them in. My younger daughter and I went out and we were able to bring Tuxedo Mask into the sun room. He remains there now, with the cat carrier, food, water and litter.

No luck with Broccoli, though.

She was in the cats’ house, watching me through the window, but would NOT come out. Not even for treats. She was bundled up with two other cats.

One of which also had a leaky eye.


It turned out to be Caramel. Her eye wasn’t red, though, so at least there’s that. We have more chance of catching Broccoli than Caramel. We’re going to keep trying, but I really don’t expect we’ll be able to get her.

I have, however, let the vet know we can bring in at least one cat, though.

I suppose this is a good time to promote the donation button! If you would like to donate towards the care and feeding of the kitties, you can buy us a Kofi. All donations are for the cats only, and any amount is greatly appreciated.

I will update on how the vet visit went as soon as I can!

The Re-Farmer

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