Getting better

I’m happy to say that Tuxedo Mask is looking so much better!

This has become his favourite spot, under the ceramic heat bulb.

Unfortunately, he’s still not using the litter. My daughter took a look this morning, and it seems he’s just going on the concrete beside the litter box.


At least the room is cold enough that it’ll be pretty much frozen, and will freeze completely once we are no longer using the heat bulb, until we can clean it up.

Somehow, I never thought I’d be using the mini-greenhouse frame like this. 😀 Now we’ve used it to help convalescing critters a couple of times. It works great!

When putting in the eye drops this morning, his eye was looking really great. Just a bit of dry crustiness around his eyelid, and that’s it. If things keep up like this, we’ll be able to let him out in about five days.

Interestingly, he hasn’t been making a dash for the door when I go outside. He seems to quite like his warm spot! Until my daughter comes in, at which point he revels in cuddles.

Some of the outside cats are looking like they could use some eye drops, too, but none of them are cats we can catch. The ones that do let us pet them are all clear eyed.

Potato Beetle is looking pretty battle worn! At least, with the cold, he’s been less aggressive towards the other cats, but clearly he hasn’t stopped completely.

The temperatures outside are still relatively mild. We’ll have a couple of colder days coming up, but so far, we still don’t even need to plug in the block heater on the van.

That makes life a lot easier for the critters!

The Re-Farmer

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