Morning critters

First up, I’m happy to say that Cabbages is seeming better this morning. She got more hydration last night, and we even got some solid food into her – also through the syringe. She didn’t like it, but she ate it!

We are still keeping Turmeric closed up with me. I’ve been letting other cats in and out, and while she did growl at the tuxedos, once they were inside, she seemed okay with them. As soon as she’s out of my office/bedroom, however, she still turns into a snarling beast for some reason.

Beep Beep has pretty much moved in and taken Cabbages under her wing, so I had the three of them with me last night. I was awakened by the sound of a cat scratching under the door to get out, and it was Cabbages! That’s the first time she’s made the effort since we brought her into the room.

It turned out their food and water bowls were empty. When I refilled them, Cabbages parked herself at the water bowl and stayed there. I did see her drinking, but mostly, she was just a loaf. I was in and out a few times, and she stayed like that for at least an hour. Right now, she’s back on my bed, next to Beep Beep.

We will keep up with the hydration and the semi-liquid food, even though she is a bit more active.

The other cats still seem very confused by my closed door. I usually have the majority of them splattered all over my bed, finding myself trapped by several when I wake up in the morning. They’ve had to find other places to sleep. A couple of them already preferred my husband’s hospital bed, but now he’s finding his bed covered with 4 or 5 at times. That bed is pretty narrow, so they basically take up the whole thing when that happens! Mostly, though, they have been converging on my daughters, upstairs.

They have not been getting much sleep, lately!

I do wish I knew what was going on with Turmeric, and why she still hasn’t settled down, yet!


When I head into the sun room to get kibble for the outside cats, it’s not unusual for me to see a cat on the hand rail outside. It’s usually Nosencrantz or Potato Beetle. Sometimes it’s Agnoos or Tuxedo Mask. Not this morning!

The Distinguished Guest had her butt parked there this time! I managed to get a picture before opening the doors, at which point she took off. Not far, though. She knows it’s breakfast time!

She is really looking to be a permanent “guest”.

I counted only 13 this morning, though I did see Ghost Baby show up soon after. We were short two orange tabbies. I didn’t see Butterscotch or Nosencrantz this morning, either. It’s not unusual for Butterscotch to be missing, but I usually see Nosencrantz.

Chadiccus came over for pets, and I was happy to see he’s all cleaned up. No sign of the blood that was all over his front, yesterday. Since no cats look injured, I’m hoping it was just from some rodent he caught and ate.

I can see that the cats checked out our winter sowing experiment! The jugs themselves were undisturbed, though, so that’s good.

Once I was done my rounds and back inside, the two deer that come by regularly were soon at the feeding station. Then I spotted one of them in the south yard!

There is a short path along the chimney block planters that has been shoveled, and that’s where she is standing.

Then she made her way around the white lilacs, to the shrine! From the tracks in the snow, they have been checking out the kibble tray fairly regularly. Which is interesting, since there is nothing there they can eat. There are birds that like to steal the kibble, though, and of course the cats are often there, just like at the feeding station, so maybe the deer is associating the presence of birds and cats with food!

Or she’s just curious. 😀

I like how the cat is so chill about the deer coming at it.

Doing my rounds this morning was a bit of a bother. Those high winds from yesterday drifted over many of our paths with hard packed snow. A couple of days from now, we’re supposed to get hit by a storm, with 10-15 cm of snow (4-6 inches).

*sigh* I suppose we should clear out the end of the driveway again, before the plows have to go through.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Morning critters

  1. We are in the midst of the first real winter storm that we’ve had here in a while. It has been sleeting all day and my poor Molly has no idea what it is but knows that she doesn’t like it. But then poor sweet Molly is afraid of everything anyway so, this shouldn’t be any different.

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  2. If there is any kibble left when the deer arrive, they’ll eat it.
    It is mostly corn, but not the greatest for them.
    Every now and then, my horses insist they *must* try it (we feed our cats both on the deck and in the garage and the garage door is right beside the pasture).
    Nobody really likes it, but they will eat it.
    I always tell the mares to stop eating it because they’re probably eating old friends.

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  3. We got our own snow storm down here. My area got about 3 or 4 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain. I’m so glad we haven’t lost power.

    You are surrounded by kitty love. And, just like children, they fuss with each other.

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