She ate kibble!

We are so thrilled!

Last night, I actually saw Cabbages eating some kibble! It was just a few pieces, but this is the first time I’ve seen her eating in days.

I’m pretty sure she would have eaten earlier, but when I saw her by the food and water bowls, I topped them up, and every other cat in the room came running. I made sure there was some kibble right in front of her, but any Turmeric kept trying to groom her, and she finally left. 😀

We’re still feeding her food goo with the syringe, of course. Which is why she’s looking so dishevelled in the above photo. 😀 I had just finished feeding her, and she was most displeased with me!

She still looks like crap, does not seem to be regaining weight yet (still not enough calories getting into her. 😦 ), but she is drinking more often, is more active, and has even been trying to get out of my office/bedroom. If we didn’t have to worry about her hiding in some crevice where we can’t find her or reach her, we wouldn’t be keeping her in.

We’re also still steaming her when we shower, if there’s even the slightest hint of wheezing when she breathes. She seems to like it. The fact that the house is so dry and chilly, and she’s so skinny, she’s probably quite enjoying her saunas.

We like it when we have happy, steamed Cabbages. 😉

The Re-Farmer

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