Keeping watch (convoy talk)

I was hesitant to talk about the Freedom Convoy again. I’ve tried hard to keep this blog pretty neutral, and focus on what we’re doing here on my childhood farm. Over the years, I’ve found myself pretty involved with contentious stuff, and part of moving out here has been to get away from this stuff. It’s hard to avoid, when living in the middle of a major city, and we were more than happy to get away from that. Yes, living here has had its own issues, but it’s still an improvement.

The problem is, what’s been going on over the past couple of years has long fingers, and even managed to affect us in our little corner of the world. What is happening now, with the Freedom Convoy, and all the other convoys and protests forming around the country, is going to affect us.

That, and apparently many of you following this blog are wanting to hear this, considering what traffic has been like when I do talk about it!

We are still very much on the outside of things, since we aren’t in a position to get directly involved in any way, and most of what’s going on is quite distant from us. Still, we need to keep watch on what’s happening. How things turn out in the end will affect the entire country. There are already some sudden changes; the Conservative Party of Canada just ousted their leader. He was the official leader of the opposition, but has not been leader of this party for very long. I’m not a member of any political party, but when the CPC were choosing a new leader, this one was not at the top of the list of who I would have preferred. Still, I had some hope for him. Unfortunately, he turned turned out to be about as two faced as they come. That the party turfed him after his complete failure to be an effective leader is a positive sign and, frankly, I think all our major political parties need to do the same thing. Even at the provincial level since, most of the disastrous restrictions and mandates fall under provincial jurisdiction.

The response from both our governments (at all levels) and our media has been pretty terrible, and the media, of course, continue to report lies. They just go through the list of accusations that they’ve been using on anyone they don’t approve of, to see what will stick. Racists? Nope. Misogynists? Nope. Extremists? Nope. Violent? Nope. Vandals? Nope. Stealing food from the homeless? Nope. Even “Islamophobe” has been tossed in the mix. Nope.

Now, it turns out there has been vandalism in Ottawa, but not from the truckers. During the day, there is a heavy police presence, but not at night – and that’s when people against the convoy have been coming out, vandalizing trucks and causing other problems.

Ottawa’s mayor has already tried to say, okay, you’ve made your point, now leave. Which is hilarious. Even more hilarious is that the city tried to get tow trucks to haul the rigs away (ha!), and they refused. I’ve heard they tried to do things like remove all the garbage cans, but people just started hanging garbage bags around for others to use. Public washrooms were closed, so people brought in porta-potties. Protestors are not just singing and dancing and honking horns. They’re shoveling sidewalks and keeping the area clean.

It’s not just in Ottawa. Other convoys and protests have formed elsewhere, including at an Alberta border crossing. The province tried to get tow truck drivers to haul them away, and they refused – some of them joined the protest, instead! Farmers are coming out with their tractors, too. The RCMP tried to from their own blockage to prevent them, but… seriously. How are you going to stop a vehicle that can just go through the ditches around you?

Worse, Alberta’s premier openly lied, claiming protestors attacked the RCMP.

Thankfully, independent media are on the ground, doing actual reporting – and right now, anyone with a phone and an internet connection is independent media!

Even media around the world are noticing just how badly the convoy is being misrepresented within Canada.

Watching all this, I can’t help but make comparisons. Our government and media are going to extreme lengths to attack these protests, where if someone so much as sneezes in the wrong place, the entire movement – and it is a movement, now – gets slandered.

I remember, years ago, when the Occupy protests were all the rage. Groups of people set up camps at Legislative and other government buildings and public parks. Where we were living at the time, they set up camp in what turned out to be a private park, but they stayed, anyways. The media portrayed them in the most positive light, and the varying levels of government paid them lip service. Even as the camps reached states of squalor, with theft and rapes happening, there was no real condemnation. I’m the sort of person who has no problem walking down a dark alley at 2 am. Apparently, I’ve perfected the look that makes other people cross the street when they see me. Which is funny, because I also apparently have “Mom” stamped on my forehead. Yet, when I had to walk past the Occupy camp, I crossed the street and stayed well away. I remember, long after they were gone, still finding damage to art pieces and trees, cause by the signs they attached to them, as well as whatever ropes and whatnot they set up. They all left damage and garbage behind.

These camps lasted for months, and yet… they accomplished nothing. There were all these little Marxists, imagining themselves as brave revolutionaries, who deliberately removed themselves from society for months to protest and…

No one missed them.

They contributed to little to the world around them, that when they left it to protest, it made no difference.

Now let’s compare with what’s happening now. The people protesting are truckers and, increasingly, farmers. They have so much support, the GoFundMe is now over $10 million, as of this writing. Between that and the direct donations, they could stay there for years. However, without truckers and farmers, everything collapses. No country can last long, if their truckers and farmers stop working.

Which is likely why the government has been trying very hard to deny them the money people have donated. One MP in Ontario is apparently trying to have the funds seized, and used to pay for things like the cost of policing or whatever. As if the government has any right to money people donate!

As of this writing, that GoFundMe is currently “Under Review”. No one can donate, and the funds are frozen. This, even though the organizers have been working closely with GoFundMe to make sure everything is above board and in compliance with their terms of service. There are serious questions as to why it would suddenly be “under review.” People who have donated are very angry. Particularly if the government does try to seize it. Many are already saying that they’ll withdraw their donations. There are many other ways to get support to the truckers.

So what’s going to happen? I know the truckers and their supporters aren’t going to back down. I also know our Prime Dictator is going to dig his heals in as long as he can.

This is not something that can end in a stalemate.

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Keeping watch (convoy talk)

  1. Thank you for this.

    My husband & I have been away for the past 2 weeks dealing with a family matter, and with very little access to internet (or time to use it). So we have been getting info in dribs and drabs. Your post gives me a lot of useful info in one place, and I am grateful for it.

    I am also grateful for what the Canadian truckers (and now farmers!) are doing with this protest. It gives me a little bit of hope, both for Canada and for the US. The groundswell of support for this is such a positive sign! And it is especially needful, since the legacy/mainstream media seems to report nothing but lies lately.

    I have felt for a long time that the majority of the public is *not* on board with the gov dictates (both countries), but getting reliable information can be difficult. This protest & the support for it are a clear and visible sign that this is truly the case. This is not just some “fringe” group, or a bunch of crazies, as the MSM would like us to believe. These are real, ordinary, everyday citizens who are fed up.

    Well done, Canadian truckers! Well done!

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    • Thanks!

      I tend to agree with you, that most people are NOT on board. That media and government narrative is so strong, though, it shuts people down. With what is happening now, i think more people are seeing +though not through the mainstream media!), that they are not alone, by any means. It gives people courage. I’ve been hearing from more and more people that they are going out, mask free, with little to no harassment, and how wonderful and free they feel.

      As someone who has often been on the fringe, not always by choice, it’s not a term I would consider derogatory. 😄😹😄

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    • Thanks.

      I made the mistake of looking at the Freedom Convoy hashtag on Tumblr. My blog posts are automatically shared there, and I do get some traffic and followers from it. It is, however, a very… “woke” platform. There weren’t a lot of posts under the hashtag, but the majority of them were parroting the hate filled lies the media is spreading – but of course, worded in such a way that makes it sound like the people have some sort of first hand knowledge about those nasty truckers in Ottawa, when they very clearly no nothing about what’s going on. It’s disheartening, how hateful and closed minded people can be.


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