She let me take her picture!

Butterscotch finally let me take her picture this evening.

I’m still blown away by how calm she is. I don’t now how much of that I can attribute to her recovering from surgery, or how much to having something removed that was likely causing her discomfort. It could well be both.

They need to stay indoors for at least 10-14 days. We’ll see how she does over time. We were thinking of bringing Nosencrantz into the house, after she’s been isolated a few days to make sure there are no ear mite or flea issues. The problem with that is, it would leave Butterscotch without feline company, and she got along with Nosencrantz more than a lot of the other cats.

We shall see how they progress, before we make any decisions.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “She let me take her picture!

    • That’s where being in the sun room is helpful. It never gets very warm in there in the winter, and the heat bulb is the same as what they have in the cat house, so they won’t lose their winter fur. As for their bellies, yeah, we’ve been forewarned to watch out for that, because it won’t be grown in, yet.

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