Crumbling down (convoy talk)

There’s stuff going on so quickly right now, it’s hard to keep up, but I’ll just start with this video, to give you a taste of what’s going on with the Freedom Convoy. If, for some reason, a video below doesn’t load for you, try clicking here. (original TikTok source) This is from the lawyer representing the Freedom Convoy.

Right from this morning, I was hearing some of the most infuriating things regarding the Freedom Convoy. One of the radio stations aired questions messaged to them. In part of it, while “graciously” acknowledging the right to peaceful protest, they went on to ask, what gives people the right to use vehicles?

Seriously? Suddenly, the right to protest is limited to… what? People on foot? There have been many protests that included cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and even horses. But now, it’s suddenly in question?

Then there was the question of, what gives protestors rights over the general public?

Has this person never seen a protest before? Especially all the “mostly peaceful” protests during Trump’s presidency that included riots, vandalism, theft, arson, assault and murder?

More than that, the protestors are protesting legally, and have the exact same rights as the general public. But this person seems to believe that, because they don’t like this particular protest, they should be denied rights all Canadians are supposed to have?

It’s right up there with people demanding that the protestors have to be quiet and super polite, and must never show strong emotions – which always get interpreted as “angry” (as if there’s something wrong with being angry over what our governments have done to us over the past two years). Also, see the statement above out protests we’ve seen in the past few years.

The person who shared this had sent in their own response, which did not get aired. The narrative must be upheld!

Speaking of narrative, our government overlords and the media are doubling down on the hateful rhetoric, slander and outright lies.

But before I touch on that more, that $10million that was raised to support the truckers through GoFundMe? Money the government has been salivating over? Or at least Ottawa’s mayor. Well, they succeed in having the account frozen, and now it’s shut down. GoFundMe is claiming they have police reports of violence, and that the protest has become an “occupation”. Which is utter BS. The police have suddenly started issuing a slough of tickets, mostly for traffic violations. I’m curious how they ticketed someone for speeding, when the trucks are all just sitting there. And the only violence has been against the truckers, not by them.

Basically, GoFundMe has stolen $9million ($1 had already been released, to help pay for things like fuel). The statement at the site said something about working with the organizers to have the money donated to the charity of their choosing. People, however, donated to help the truckers, and all over the various social media groups I’m following, they are demanding refunds.

Also, a new Bitcoin fundraiser has already been started. People want to support the truckers, and GoFundMe is hardly the only way to do it. Frankly, I am not surprised they did this, given their history of double standards. Lord knows, they’ve allowed fundraisers for things that absolutely went against their terms of service, but they looked the other way.

This press conference below was done yesterday, before GoFundMe stabbed them in the back, and they were still thinking things would work out.

This move is going to be a whole lot of mud on GoFundMe’s face.

As usual, The Rubin Report covered the story well.

I tried to embed a video from Facebook but it’s not working, so here is a link. This was a live stream from someone that’s been an online friend of mine for years, and a real standup guy. He was at the Coutts border protest, and makes reference to Jason Kenney, the Alberta Premier, who has proven to be completely untrustworthy. The RCMP have also proven to be untrustworthy. Definitely worth clicking through and giving him a listen.

Viva Frei has been covering the whole thing a lot, including many live streams. Here, he talks about the GoFundMe fiasco.

He interviews people taking part in the protest in this video.

Gosh. All those crazy, “white nationalists”.

Here’s from another guy who’s in the middle of it all.

True North is among the independent media that are reporting accurately. This next video is a “fake news Friday” show and covers the media issue rather well.

The independent Rebel News also asks a very good question.

Why are the truckers being treated differently than past protestors?

Also, the truckers are making sure there are lanes open, so that people can get to work and emergency vehicles can get by. People complaining about not being able to get through are lying. Likewise, claims that they are hurting small businesses (as the government hasn’t been destroying small businesses for the past two years), when the protestors are actually giving places more business than they’ve had in years – when they’re not being jerks to the protestors, that is.

Check this out… people came for a protest, and a dance party broke out.

While this has been going on in Ottawa, other convoys of people who couldn’t go to Ottawa and converging on their own provincial legislatures, and even smaller towns are organizing their own protests in support of the Freedom Convoy. Some started today, while others will be held tomorrow. Oh, and there are still more trucks on their way to Ottawa. In some cities, the police have created blockades to stop the protestors which, ironically enough, is creating more disruption than the protestors would have, in the first place.

If you were to listen to the media and our government overlords, you would be told that these people are violent, rage filled racists, misogynists and homophobes. One of the stories I caught this morning mentioned a business in the area (at least I assume it is in the area) that found their front window broken – a business that just happened to have a pride flag displayed. The implication was that this was done by the truckers, because they’re homophobes, but there was absolutely nothing to support that. It’s just the narrative they want to frame. Oh, and the business went ahead and opened, anyway, with the broken window boarded up. Just more media manipulation.

So why would the media be lying like this? Well, our own Prime Dictator bragged about that, back in 2019.

Yes, he was leading into a joke on this, and went on to read some of the few critical headlines about him. The reality is, all our government approved media is dependent on the government. Aside from the $600million of our tax dollars he’s joking about, they are being kept afloat with all the Covid ads, also paid for with tax dollars. Governments don’t have their own money. It all comes from us. And right now, they are doubling down in slandering the Freedom Convoy, and whipping up anger and hatred. Since the protestors themselves have been doing things like dancing, singing, shoveling snow, feeding people and being an incredibly loving, passionate, positive and peaceful group, that has managed to not rise to the bait while being goaded, these media have no other option than to just lie through their teeth.

It’s the government rhetoric that is most troubling. The language they are using to describe the protest, now calling it an “occupation” in a militarized sense (not like when the Occupy movement actually did engage in occupations, apparently), and doubling down, is very troubling.

Someone had brought up an interesting point. In India, they gained their independence through peaceful protest. Non-violence was their method. What was pointed out is that this only worked because they were up against the British who, for all the things they may have done, did still have a sense of objective morality. They may not have lived up to that morality very well, but it was there. It would not have worked if they had tried such non-violent protests in, say, the USSR. Their morality was completely different, and they had no problem just slaughtering people. Which they did, at times, to the tune of millions dead over the years. I have family who were involved in Poland’s fight for freedom from Communist rule. Some of them permanently damaged by the beatings they got as they fought for freedoms we have been taking for granted. The Polish people did eventually win, but it was not “peaceful” or non-violent. It couldn’t be, because of what they were up against.

What I fear is that our government overlords are a lot more like Soviet Russia. Listening to them, I feel they are priming us for something drastic, so that when it happens, people will blame the truckers instead of the government.

Canada has been living under medical tyranny, and the powers that be are not willing to give up that power, just because people they view with contempt are finally standing up to it.

How far are they willing to go to keep that power?

It feels like everything is crumbling, but I can’t tell which way the pieces are falling.

The Re-Farmer

12 thoughts on “Crumbling down (convoy talk)

  1. I hear you. The government’s & media’s willingness to outright LIE about this is troubling, to say the least. It does feel like everything is crumbling.

    But I also get a feeling that this is something of a last ditch panic response. I continue to get a strong desperation vibe from the gov/media response. Their narrative is crumbling, and they know it. The people have had enough, and they are not buying the lies & gaslighting anymore. And the many photos & videos of truckers/supporters feeding the homeless, singing, dancing, smiling & being kind (even to those who dislike/despise them) makes it that much harder for the gov’s gaslighting campaign to work.

    People on social media are also reminding one another of the visible & obvious disparity in both our gov’s response to this protest as opposed to their responses to previous, liberal-approved protests. And they continue to push back against the claims of “violence” from the protesters – asking for links to police reports, videos, & other evidence to support those claims. So far, none seem to have been provided.

    As to the GoFundMe debacle, I am reading that the Convoy have set up both a GiveSendGo acct ( and a bitcoin fund. The GiveSendGo page already has more than $300,000 in donations.

    Those who already donated through GFM can request a refund from them, but a better option might be to dispute the charge with your financial institution, on the ground of services paid for but not received. Disputing the charge has the added bonus of implementing a dispute fee against GFM. Given that most of the money in the account came from thousands of small donations, those “small” dispute fees could add up to be a big chunk of change for GFM if enough people take this approach.

    I’ve also seen video from the Convoy organizers that they are fighting back – legally – against GoFundMe’s withholding of funds. They had already had lawyers & accountants working with them to ensure as much transparency & documentation as possible. And, from what I’ve seen, they were definately expecting some shenanigans from GFM, and were not really surprised when it happened. So, we will see how that progresses in the days to come. I think, if anything, GFM’s action has created more support for the Convoy among the public, not less.

    Stay safe up there! And don’t give up hope. I believe that freedom will win in the end, if we all just hold our ground & support one another!

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    • Thank you.

      I agree with your observation that there is a sense of desperation from the media and government. The problem is, desperate people tend to do stupid things. So do desperate governments. And our PM is a narcissist, surrounded by cronies. Everything they’ve tried to do to stop the truckers – other than actually ending the restriction and mandates – has failed or backfired on them, and they don’t know how to handle that

      I have started to see people talking about the new crowdfunding platform. It’s having troubles loading, due to the sudden, high traffic. The times I managed to get it loaded, it’s been looking like the total has increased by about $10,000 every 10 minutes or so – on a new account, in the dead of night. I’ve seen a lot of people who had donated to the GoFundMe account say that they plan to double or triple their donations into the new platform – while getting their money back from GoFundMe.

      There is a review site I can’t remember the name of right now, but GoFundMe has been getting so many negative reviews of this, their review page has been shut down, while the “check” to make sure the sudden onslaught of negative reviews are ‘legitimate’.

      I’m glad there are some good lawyers working with the Freedom Convoy.


      • My guess is, the moderators on Trust Pilot saw that GFM had pissed off many and they’d have to be living under a rock not to know where this is coming from. They state that all comments that are not directly related to posters’ actual dealings with the company will be deleted…eventually. I hope people return & slam them, again.

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