Murky waters (convoy talk)

With the Emergency Measures (formerly War Measures) Act being invoked by our Prime Dictator, it can be expected that the rhetoric, accusations and false information is going to kick into high gear, to try and convince people that these measures are somehow justified.

Early during the protests, trucks were seen dropping off loads of rocks, and piles of bricks were also found. This is something that happened during previous protests that turned violent, so truckers and their supporters would immediately call the police and stand guard until they arrived, to make sure no instigators would start trouble. It would be no surprise if the same would be done with guns. Our media and Prime Dictator have been working very hard to portray the protesters as violent, and failed time after time, as on the ground, independent video showed how much of a lie that was. They are getting desperate.

The backlash over what T2 has done by invoking the Emergency Measures Act is rippling around the world.

In the “breaking news” category, Ottawa’s Chief of Police, Sloly, has resigned.

Something I wanted to clarify about our Prime Dictator invoking the Emergency Measures Act (EMA).

It is not in effect, even though many are acting as if it is, including banks that are freezing people’s accounts.

Once the EMA is invoked, there is a process that needs to be followed. First, T2 has 7 sitting days to table a motion in Parliament. There are specific conditions that must be met that demonstrate the extreme conditions that justify invoking the EMA. It should be noted that, among the extended definitions of what is exempt from the EMA is protests. It’s not in the Act itself, but is linked with a CSIS definition (that’s Canada’s version of the CIA). None of the conditions required are met, so there is zero justification for invoking the act. In tabling the motion, T2 has to try and prove in Parliament that those conditions are somehow being met.

It then has to be voted on by both the House of Commons and the Senate.

Only after both vote in favour of it, can the invocation of the Act be enforced.

There are two problems with this.

The first is that, by simply invoking the Act, it is being treated as if it is in force. Not just by ordinary citizens on the street, who may not have even known the Act existed until now, but by the media, politicians and even law enforcement. Basically, just like all the other illegal measures, the powers that be simply keep on going as if they have the power and authority to do what they are doing, and people complied. As long as people complied, it became harder for anyone to stand up to the illegal measures.

The other problem is, while T2 does not have a strong Liberal majority in government that will vote his way, the NDP have already stated they will support enforcing the Act. Which means, between the two of them, they would have enough votes to push it through, even if the conditions are not met. The Senate isn’t exactly balancds, either, and it’s possible they would vote to enforce it, too. All the fail safes designed to prevent the Act being abused could … well… fail.

Many provinces, meanwhile, have spoken out against it, but that hasn’t made much difference in the past couple of years. After all, some of those provinces spoke out against the lockdowns and other restrictions, too, saying they would never implement them, only to turn around and do exactly that, after the federal government offered “aid” funding to the provinces – on the condition that they locked down. So they already have a history of untrustworthiness.

One of our mainstream media websites has a daily poll. Today’s question is asking of people agree with T2’s invocation of the EMA. I’ve looked at it a few times this morning and, even as the total of votes rises, the percentages have stayed the same. 19% agree with it. Which is really quite disturbing.

Which is why it’s encouraging to see things like this.

Oh, one more note about the “blockades”. I’ve mentioned this before. They have never been complete blockades. Traffic was delayed, but not completely stopped. For example, lanes were always kept open for emergency vehicles and trucks hauling live animals were allowed through at border crossings with as little delay as possible (they still had to get through customs and the police blockades, too). In cities, people could still get to and from their work and homes. Hospitals were very specifically kept clear.

Hhhmm… back to the “breaking news” thing, just minutes ago, it seems our Prime Dictator walked out of Parliament again, refusing to answer questions about the justification for his invoking the EMA.

What a mess.

From the looks of it, things are just going to get messier.

All of which could have been ended long ago, if our Prime Dictator had wanted it to.

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Murky waters (convoy talk)

  1. That MF can’t back down. Canada is still under “the crown” and backed by the WEF. The next question is, will the Canadian military help stop this? I’ve seen many videos and pictures of the Canadian veterans helping with the protests.

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    • I caught some video last night that I can’t find now, showing personnel actively questioning and objecting during a debriefing. I know there are also active armed forces personnel being “investigated” for being at the protests, on their own time. It’s really hard to say what will happen.

      The military swears their oath of allegiance to the Queen and her heirs. Not to the federal government.


      • Thank you for this post – especially the explanation of the process behind the Emergencies Act. As an American, it is difficult to know what info is accurate on the subject – and on Canadian law in general – since the MSM is not trustworthy.

        The false flag stuff is heartbreaking, but not unexpected. We knew they would resort to it sooner or later. I’m glad that the protesters have been vigilant in finding and reporting the piles of projectiles, though. And the fact that the Coutts protestors have decided to retreat peacefully because of the guns allegation only makes me love them more. Peace, love, & honor – absolutely!

        I continue to pray for Canada and her people. Stay strong, stay safe, and don’t give up hope! You are NOT alone!

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    • Yes. And that was even before T2 invoked the EMA. That was after an Ontario court put a freeze on funding. As I understand it, it was money released from the GiveSendGo, to pay for things, so these were not personal accounts.

      GiveSendGo got hacked, and whoever did it set up a message for people to read that was completely filled with lies and insinuations – but everything was in keeping with what T2 and the media have claimed, including insinuations that the truckers were actually being funded mostly by US organizations to subvert Canada, and suggesting the organizers were dishonest and would take the money and run. They’re back up and running now, but I’m hearing that some people who donated are now getting phone calls from … somewhere… with demands they explain themselves and their donations.

      This is scary stuff that’s going on right now.


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