Who is this strange cat?

So Nosencrantz has adapted pretty much instantly to being inside.

She just could not get enough attention from my daughter!

Butterscotch was a bit harder to get inside. She kept hiding in different places in the old kitchen. We tried luring her with food, catnip, her favourite bed from the sun room… no go. We really needed to get her out of there, though, as this room has no heat source, and who knows if it has any insulation. Back in the day, it was kept warm in winter with the constantly burning wood cookstove.

Eventually, she tucked herself into the corner of a shelf, and my younger daughter was able to reach her. Some pets and ear skritches, and Butterscotch eventually came out. We managed to quickly get her into the cat carrier and brought her in to my room.

Now, we’ve tried to bring Butterscotch in before, which she hated so much. Whether it was in the sun room, when we turned it into a maternity ward, several years ago, or when we turned the new basement into a maternity ward, with the intention of turning both her and Beep Beep into indoor cats, it was a disaster. Tearing through a screen door is one thing. Killing her own kittens was a whole new level.

As an outdoor cat, she had her moods. She did allow attention, and liked to be carried, but she was not a cuddly cat. She was not above suddenly deciding to get mean, either.

So… who is this, then?

Once in my room, she started looking around, and let me pick her up and put her on the bed.

That was several hours ago. She has yet to leave it.

Not only that, but when I sat to pet her, she snuggled her head into my hand, using it as a pillow, while I pet her, purring mightily. She even rolled onto her back, giving me the best view of her surgical scar we’ve had since we got her spayed.

Once we were done petting her, she just curled up and stayed on the red blanket on my bed that is a favourite spot for most of the cats. Not even napping, really. Just lying there, content and purring.

Who is this cat?

Since she’s been inside, we have allowed Fenrir into the room. Fenrir was curious about Nosencrantz, they sniffed each other, and Fenrir growled at her. Which is typical Fenrir.

Butterscotch watched from her spot on the bed, and that was it. I suppose it’s possible they might remember each other, since Fenrir showed up as a kitten and got adopted by Beep Beep and Butterscotch, letting her nurse with their own kittens, but it was more Beep Beep that took care of her than Butterscotch. It’s been a few years since they’ve seen each other.

As I sit and write this, I can hear Nosencrantz checking out the door. She wants to go out and explore.

Butterscotch is now asleep on the red blanket.

It should be interesting to see how they do, during their first night inside. I suspect Nosencrantz will try and get into all sorts of things.

The way things are going, I might wake up to Butterscotch cuddles!

What a change!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Who is this strange cat?

    • When she was being picked up after surgery, the tech told us that Butterscotch’s uterus was basically “tattery and falling apart”. We don’t know how old she is, but this is something that can happen as cats age. Especially when they’re having a litter (or two!) of kittens every year. If she had not had the surgery done, she probably would not have lived much longer. My theory is, she was in pain and discomfort – and it would explain why she was a pretty awful mother!

      I think she is no longer in discomfort, and finally enjoying life pain free, and her original personality is coming through again.

      Also, her life probably got extended a few years! Had we not had the help that allowed us to get her spayed, she probably would have just disappeared at some point, as is typical of yard cats, and we would never have known what happened to her.


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