Our 2022 garden: seedling surprise!

This morning, I opened up the large aquarium greenhouse to refill the water tray over the heat mat, and give everything a spritz. This involves moving mini fan off, setting one light fixture on top of the other and pushing them back, then removing the wire mesh covers to access inside.

Once the covers were off, I took the opportunity to take a picture of the sprouts.

Here, you can see that the Sophie’s Choice tomatoes are now sprouting in all three pots, and the Cup of Moldova growing bigger every day. The eggplant is still slower, but the ones that have sprouted are definitely looking bigger.

But wait… What’s that?

Over on the right, near the back corner.

Is that…???

Yes!!! Yes it is!

A luffa has sprouted!

I went back to look again, and I still could not see it from standing next to the tank. I could only see it in the photo taken from above.

I am so thrilled!!!

Last year, it took ages for the various types of squash and gourds to germinate. The luffa did germinate earlier than others – and some never germinated at all – but I absolutely did NOT expect any gourds to germinated this early.

I am crediting the heat mat for most of this. For the luffa, the scarification and pre-soaking probably helped, too.

So exciting!

The Re-Farmer

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