Changes of plans, and look who blinked first (convoy talk)

One of my goals for today was to start more seeds and transplant some little tomatoes, after I did some baking.

My younger daughter usually does the bread baking, but she not well today. So I did a double batch of oatmeal and chia bread, then another double batch of herb bread made into mini loaves and buns.

Of course, the phone kept being busy today! After my phone appointment with my doctor, he forwarded a 90 day refill for my prescription – but for some reason changed it from taking it twice a day, to once a day, which was not what we talked about on the phone. The pharmacy caught the change and called me about it. In the end, I went ahead and took what they could give me, while they sent another fax to the doctor for find out what was going on.

After that, I left the phone with my husband!

Even so, I happened to glance out the kitchen window while shaping loaves, and saw someone walking by with a cat carrier and some bags of cat food! He didn’t even go to the door, but let them near the cat shelter. I got outside just in time to wave goodbye to them as they drove away.

I’m assuming the guy was the Cat Lady’s husband. With no chance to talk, I quickly sent a thank you text. It turned out she’d tried to phone ahead, but … well… we do live in a cell phone dead zone, and this time, she had no signal at all. The cat food bags they left with us were very small bags; it actually made more sense when I saw them, after she told me she’d got them for only 27 cents each, but couponing. It should be enough to last us until after we get the van back and can do some shopping.

Then the pharmacy delivery guy called, but my husband was able to take care of that, while I finished shaping the last of the buns.

The down side is, by the time I finished kneading the second batch and setting it to rise, my left hip gave out. It’s still bothering me! I was able to finish the baking, but I’m afraid I had to leave most of the clean up for when my daughters to the evening chores. Which means mostly my older daughter, once she’s done working, since my younger daughter isn’t feeling any better, yet – and my older daughter has her own joint issues to deal with!

What a gimpy bunch we are. 😀

While I was doing all this, what I was NOT doing was keeping on on the Senate debates before voting for or against our Prime Dictator’s invocation of the Emergency Measures Act. They’d debated all day yesterday, and the people I knew who were watching it live were mostly incredibly disgusted by what they saw. A lot of the senators were repeating the same lies and slander our politicians and media were pushing.

I must say, though, this brief clip was probably the worst example.

The “ceased” guns she was referring to had nothing to do with the protesters, the vitriol wasn’t from the protesters, but… honk honk equals Heil Hitler?? Really? It’s one thing to see idiots saying that on social media, but coming from a senator?

There was some calm and measured speeches, though. This one is worth a listen.

The fact that she has been working right where the protests were happening, and could confirm what was really going on, was important.

Funny how people who weren’t there were the ones who complained about the disruption and noise of the protests more than people actually living there. I even had one person on my friends list claim they could hear the horns, even though 1) they live an hour away from Ottawa and 2) the honking had stopped.

A constant refrain I was starting to hear from people living there is that the police blockades were far worse than the protesters ever where.

The Liberals didn’t like it when the New York Times managed to accurately report on the police actions.

Meanwhile, organizer Tamara Lich was denied bail.

This video dives into the many problems about that.

That’s right. The judge who denied Lich bail is a T2 supporter who even ran for election as an MP, for the Liberal Party.

Then I started getting messages from people.

Our Prime Dictator revoked the Emergency Measures Act himself.

That’s right. It’s done.


But not over, of course.

He went from saying the EMA would need to be in place for months, even though the “red zone” in Ottawa was cleared of protesters, because they might come back. His party was even talking about making some of the EMA powers permanent.

The Conservative Party had already filed a motion to revoke, which would have been discussed on Monday, should the Senate have voted to support the invocation of the Act. Under the Act, the EMA is in force for 30 days, when it either expires or gets extended by vote. Any party, at any time, could move to revoke the Act, at which point our Prime Dictator would have to justify keeping it in force again, then the House and Senate would have to debate and vote on it again. The NDP would be supporting the Liberals every time, which means it would always be the Senate that had to have the final say.

A process that could, potentially, keep happening, over and over again.

Meanwhile, it began to appear that not enough senators would vote in favour of the EMA. A number of them voiced displeasure at the pressure they were getting to just rubber stamp the invocation. They were still debating it when our Prime Dictator made a live announcement that, since the emergency was over (the emergency that was never there in the first place), it wasn’t needed anymore, so he was ending it.

I have not watched his speech, because seeing and hearing him makes me physically ill.

Trudeau blinks; the truckers win; the Emergencies Act is dropped. But it has shown us who the tyrants were, didn’t it?

Literally today, as Trudeau was writing his short speech announcing that he was abandoning his Emergencies Act, his shills in the Senate were standing up and speaking in favour of it. Imagine burning up a lifetime of political capital, only to have Trudeau walk away from it moments later. Oh well – it was a useful exercise.

Which politicians — including in the Conservative Party. Oh yes, I didn’t mention it?

The cowards in the Liberal Party who announced that they were very much against it — but that they were going to vote for it anyways, because Trudeau was “forcing” them to.

But is it over?

No, of course not.

The reasons for the protests are still there. The federal mandates have not been lifted.

There continue to be protests across the country and, even near Ottawa, there are protesters set up and ready to come back, if necessary. People’s bank accounts that had been frozen are slowly being un-frozen. The law suits are still files and making their way through the process.

Ottawa’s newest Chief of Police was going to continue his witch hunt.

Will that change, now that the EMA is no longer in effect? I don’t think so.

Will this mean that our Prime Dictator will just invoke the EMA every time there are protests he doesn’t approve of? Or will his party just find other ways to grab power? For example, while all this was going on, they have been trying to push a bill that would make vaccination – but just one specific vaccination – a condition of employment, by federal law. Never mind that making any vaccine mandatory is illegal in Canada.

This is not any sort of victory. Our Prime Dictator has simply blinked first, but not until after his jackboots used illegal and violent measures to remove a legal and peaceful protest. This is not the first time he’s tried to make a power play. This is just the first time it involved the general public in such an open manner. A lot of people who were typically on board with him, even if they didn’t like some of the stuff he was doing, have had a very rude awakening.

A lot of people have also realized what a precarious position they are in, in many ways. I saw a huge leap in people moving towards increased self sufficiency, working to get out of the cities, and some even leaving the country. I foresee the “homesteading” movement to continue to grow because of what’s been happening these past two years.

For us, we’re still going to be pushing ahead with our one original goal to be as self sufficient as possible. The only change is to see how much we can speed up the process.

This is not over. Not by a long shot.

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Changes of plans, and look who blinked first (convoy talk)

  1. I can’t thank you enough for your posts on this. You have given me a great deal of insight into how Canada’s Parliament works, as well as information on the lives & viewpoints of everyday Canadians regarding all this. (Most of which is not covered in the US press – not even from the right.) I have bookmarked Rebel News & True North, both great sources. But your posts give me more nuance. Thank you!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you. I’m glad to be of help.

      Most Canadians don’t really know how it all works, either – and have never really needed to, until now. Most of us have a better idea of how things work in the US than in our own country! LOL

      The US press may not be covering much, but even so, they – and other non-Canadian press – have been more truthful and accurate than our own, in general. I’ve really appreciate The Ruben Report, Michael Knowles, and even Ben Shapiro for their coverage. Tucker Carlson has done well, as has Sky News Australia, from what I’ve seen.

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  2. Hello

    I see from the first picture on your excellent post, you are using your ‘loaf’ if you know the phrase!

    Re Ya’ara Saks, the senator in the first video, Her name sounds like ‘Yar a sucks’. What she says sucks. There are 2 ‘S’s in her name. SS. Hitler had an ​SS I believe. She ran a mental health charity. Perhaps mental issues are catching.This may explain matters.

    David Zagerac is 42 years old I gather. According to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, 42 is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. What it is in David’s case is not clear. he suffers from mental illness. Perhaps he went to Saks’ mental health charity. This would explain matters.

    The chief of police I did not recognise. He is balder than me. His face doesn’t ring a bell as they say. However, having checked I understand that the interim chief of police is Steve Bell. He wants to pursue peaceful protesters. he has a bald head like a nut, a hard nut. He is completely nuts, or mad.

    I imagine these three loonies are related.

    It is sunny now in Sussex. I think I shall get some fresh air. There are no loonies in my garden I am glad to say.

    Thank you again.

    Yours, Baldmichael

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  4. Self-sufficiency is the best goal imo too! (Especially for we women ‘of a certain age’ hehe) It’s not only empowering individually and within local community, but it also ‘starves the Beast’. And I just heard one Canadian researcher/broadcaster who I really like say the same phrase. Have you listened to David Whitehead before? I find him really dynamic and inspiring—gives me hope for younger generations to have a such a leader. He is giving his rundown of events in this new interview, just thought I’d share, you might like him!
    DWTruthWarrior is his channel in case that link doesn’t work right. 🙂
    Thanks for your updates once again, we appreciate them!

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    • Thank you.

      No, I haven’t listened to him before. I think I’ve heard the name. I have a hard time with podcasts in general; partly due to my auditory processing issues. I stop “hearing” them far more easily than video, and even then, things like livestreams are usually beyond what I can handle. I like it when some creators edit out subjects into shorter clips.

      I’ll give your link a try, though. Maybe this will be one I can hear all the way through. 😀

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