Our 2022 garden: NOOOooooo!!!!!


For all our efforts, a cat still managed to get into the mini-greenhouse. My daughter found Susan … SUSAN! … sitting on the second lowest shelf. I would have expected Tissue, or even Turmeric, but not Susan! My daughter got her out but Susan didn’t seem to be into anything, so she thought things were okay.

I went over to see where she got in and how to block it better, when I saw this terrible sight.

She ate the Sophie’s Choice tomato leaves! Two of them, right down to the stems! A couple others even looked like the soil was dug into.

I took the trays off the two bottom shelves, rearranged the box we put to block the back and used packing tape under the corners, taping the plastic cover to the bottom shelf. Hopefully, there are no more gaps a cat can squeeze into.

The tray with the eaten tomato seedlings then went onto the bottom, where the light is, and the tray with the gourd pots went up a level.

There is a Canteen gourd breaking soil, so there’s at least that to be happy about.

We still have some Sophie’s Choice seeds left, so we can start some again, but the instructions for these said to start them much earlier than other varieties. Hopefully, we still have time.

Hopefully, some of what we already have will survive, too.

Once that was all done, it was time to do some research and…

Yes. Tomato leaves ARE toxic to cats. However, it takes quite a bit to make them sick, and quite a bit more to endanger their lives. For the amount she ate, she might throw up or something, but nothing major.

This is just so, so frustrating! And potentially alarming.

We’ve had issues with cats going after our plants before. Usually to dig in the dirt, not to eat them, though there was that one succulent we had that they just couldn’t resist.

Notice I said “had”. 😦

We’ve got all sorts of barriers around our remaining house plants to keep them out. As much as the damage done to them bothered me, right now we’re trying to grow food, not decorations, so this is bothering me more.

Why are the cats so determined to destroy our seedlings? There are the barriers, the space around the trays is tight, the pots and trays are wet – we just refilled the bottoms of most of the trays to water from below – and you’d think something in the nightshade family would taste pretty gross.

I am not at all happy right now. 😦

I will, however, share a photo of some well behaved kitties I took earlier.

When I headed outside to get a meter reading, I spotted these two, cuddling together in the sun room. Agnoos is fine with us, but the ‘iccus he was cuddling with is one of the more feral cats. I had to move fast to get a picture before he (she?) ran away. I’m not sure which one this is, but from the facial markings, I’m guessing this is the one the girls named Sadiccus. He looks like he’s been crying!

Which is kinda what I feel like doing right now. Crying in frustration!!

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Our 2022 garden: NOOOooooo!!!!!

  1. We have two dogs. One is “on a mission” to destroy the plant that is descended from one given to my fiancée when she left the hospital in 1983. When the plant’s pot was on the floor, he would jump up into the pot and break the plant “trunk”. Anything I would put around the plant to block his access would get pushed aside.

    I put the poi in a rope hanger and hung it from the ceiling. The dog jumped up onto the table and then jumped from there to smash into the plant hanger. He would apparently do this until the plant would eventually crash to the floor.

    I moved the plant hanger away from the table and he then used a chair to do the same thing. I then moved the plant to the middle of the room.

    Between the lack of sunlight in the middle of the room, and the damage, I don’t think it’s going to survive. 😦

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  2. Awwww. For me, part of the pleasure of gardening is see which plants manage to survive.

    I looooove dinner plate dahlias but have never gotten a single one to bloom… it appears some sort of bug loves them even more than me!

    I don’t know whether my green onions are still alive. They had looong shoots till the rains &cold. After that, they were covered with some kind of itty bitty black bug and the shoots died off. I’m hoping they return in spring.

    I don’t like roses in general. I found a variety that literally looked like red velvet rather than real flowers. They made it 5yrs before rust wiped them out. I don’t know what name they were and have never seen them again.

    My beloved star jasmine got wiped out this past year by some shitty vine from the neighbors’… that one’s been hard to accept!

    Adorable kitties!!

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