That was fast!

Wow, did my order from Lee Valley come in fast! After picking up my mother’s car from the garage, I swung by the post office to pick up the mail, and found this.

Only three days to get here – including the weekend!

Now we just have to wait for enough snow to melt before we can get into the old garden shed, bring out the scythe and get a good look at it.

I was doing a bit of research, and it seems the curvy handle design is called an American scythe. These are apparently known for being very heavy, but the one we have has an aluminum handle, and is very light. I remember having no issues with the weight when I was a kid and my dad was showing me how to use it. Being much older and more broken now, I expect to fully appreciate the light weight and more ergonomic design! 😀

As for my mother’s car, my daughter drove it home, and she reports it running just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, and the check engine light stayed off. We also didn’t get charged for the check up. He did the check, cleared the codes and ran it for an hour, and found no issues. So it does look like it was simply triggered by the changing of the battery. That was best case scenario, too.

I am feeling much relieved!

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “That was fast!

  1. Awesome news on the cars!

    I remember one place I was visiting family and I was volunteered to clean out along the side of the roadway. The county road mower crew happened to be in the area and noticed some litter that had accidentally fallen from the back of a pickup truck. The mower crew went to clean up that litter but forgot to disengage the mower and accidentally mowed an extra 10 feet farther from edge of the roadway.

    I think it took them 4-5 minutes to retrieve that offensive litter. Oddly enough, the litter turned out to be a case of very cold beer.

    It was a most unusual sequence of accidents.

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