Good morning, kitties!

I just had to laugh when I came into the sun room this morning, and found Potato Beetle, curled up in the window.

My attempt to take a photo disturbed him.

Gosh, he looks like such a grizzled old man!

He’s only three.

Since we’ve been keeping the sun room doors propped slightly open to allow access to the working heated water bowl, he seems to be spending most of his time in there – if he can claim their favourite bed before one of the other cats gets into it!

In total, I spotted 15 cats this morning. Even Ghost Baby flashed momentarily into view before disappearing again.

I had a bit of a surprise this morning. After finishing with food and water for the cats, I popped into the sun room to get seeds for the feeding station. When I stepped outside again, I was startled by a loud HUFFFFFF!!

The piebald deer had just wanted into the people gate in the chain link fence. I think we startled each other, and she was warning me off! 😀

This is the first time I’ve actually heard a deer make a noise.

It was funny to watch her as she ran down the shovelled paths to towards the back of the garage, then across to the compost pile, huffing away at me every now and then, before running into the spruce grove. There, she and another deer that was already there, stopped to watch while I put the feed out.

I later saw three of them at the feeding station, watching me as I moved around in the outer yard.

I got the burn barrel going again and, as usual, had company.

I don’t know why, but Agnoos just LOVES it when we are at the burn barrel. He rolls around in the snow, usually at our feet, asking for attention. Of all the outside cats, Agnoos seems to be the one that wants human attention the most, but never so much as while we’re tending the burn barrel!

I wasn’t able to stay out too long, though, as it started to snow. We were already at -5C/23F this morning, and are holding there for most of the day, but we are now under a “blowing snow advisory”.

Unfortunately, for all the shoveling on the roof my daughters did, the warmer weather has resulted in leaking at one of the windows upstairs. *sigh* We need a new roof so badly! We have the leak upstairs, and right now the ceiling in the sun room has icicles hanging from it. 😦

We’re supposed to cool down to between -10C/14F and -15C/5F over the next few days, so that should stop the leaking for a while, at least.

The Re-Farmer

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