Morning critters and… *sigh*

Well, I guess it was too much to hope for.

The cats got into one of the aloe vera we moved out of the large aquarium greenhouse, to make room for seed starts.

They even went after the one that was the most barricaded! As you can see by the aloe looking like it was carefully set aside, it’s not the plants they want. It’s the dirt!

Repotting that and figuring out how to protect it, is a job for later today.

The new location for the mini-greenhouse seems to be working well. It was getting direct sunlight this morning, on all levels. With the aluminum foil around the sides and back, the seedlings were getting light from all sides. I’m rather pleased with that.

We had a much warmer morning today, almost no wind, and lots of sunshine, so I took advantage of that.

So did the outside cats! I counted 17 of them outside, plus there was one in the sun room, so they are all accounted for.

I startled our usual 3 deer away from the feeding station, but they were running back almost before I finished putting out the seed.

I then took advantage of the conditions and got the burn barrel going. It’s a lot harder to burn off the wood pellet cat litter, when it it’s too cold for it to dry out.

Then, in between tending the burn barrel, I started clearing out the paths that were blown in by the high winds we’ve had recently.

I actually enjoy shovelling, so I just kept going, and ended up clearing all the paths, in both the inner and outer yards.

I found Potato Beetle enjoying his sun spot, when I cleared a path to the front of the garage. 🙂

I even took the time to break up the ice and snow near the cat’s house to haul it away. There was no more room for the ice from the metal water bowls anymore. With things warming up as they are, I also cleared the roof of the cat house of most of the snow, and even the snow overhang on the kibble house. I considered clearing the kibble house roof, too, but by then, I was done for the day!

The problem with doing all the shovelling is that, once I stop, that’s when things start to hurt! As soon as I sat down, my entire body started to stiffen up and ache. *sigh* Thankfully, though, there was a hot breakfast and a pot of tea made. Between that and some painkillers, I’m going all right. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

13 thoughts on “Morning critters and… *sigh*

  1. We had heaps of rain and flooding here and it has taken a toll on my patch. Such is life as Ned Kelly would say. You just move onto the next plan at the end of the day as you cannot beat nature when it comes down to it.

    My Spuds are having issues with the extremes in weather currently as are my spring onions which grow all year round here. Strange times indeed!

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