Well, that was unexpected, and an upgraded tool

I just made a quick trip into town to pick up a few things. Of course, I ended up getting more than planned! There were some good sales on stuff that will be for the Easter basket, and others to add to our pantry and freezer. A two for one whole chicken sale is not something to pass up! 😉

We also had a package to pick up at the post office – where I made sure to warn the the postal worker that there would be a rather heavy package expected on Friday. Not that I think she’ll have a problem with it. She’s a farm girl, too! Still, lifting something that turns out to be unexpectedly heavy can lead to injuries, so I wanted to make sure she was aware.

Today’s package was an upgraded OBDII reader.

The one we have is basic and does the job, but this one should provide us with more information. It also has a proprietary app, and 24 hour customer service. I’ve downloaded the app and will have to test it out, the next time I’m in the van. With this new reader, we can keep the old one in my mother’s car.

While folding up and putting away the wagon in the sun room, I noticed something that I’m sure wasn’t there, this morning.

A puddle of glue under the reflector we made yesterday!

I used watered down all-purpose glue on the sheet of insulation to adhere the aluminum foil, applying a very thin coat with a paintbrush. I knew the glue wasn’t going to stick very well to the insulation, but I figured it would at least dry and adhere enough to hold the foil in place.

I did not expect it to leak like this, instead! That’s quite a lot of glue, too, for the amount that was used in the first place.

Ah, well. It’s still sticky and holding the foil in place, plus the foil is held by tape on the back. It’ll stay, and that’s all the matters, really.

The Re-Farmer

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