New cat bed, and Turmeric status

With Nosencrantz insisting in spending her days tucked into an empty shelf behind my nightstand, I decided she should at least have a bed. So last night, I quickly crocheted one for her.

Before I was done, Turmeric was isolated in my room with me, Butterscotch and Nosencrantz for her fast. B & N were not impressed with the company. Turmeric is one of the cats that has been the most aggressive towards them. Particularly towards Nosencrantz. So they were both hiding in their nests, while Turmeric roamed the rest of the room.

Which is why Turmeric got to test out the new bed, first!

It looks so tiny compared to her from this angle. Trust me; it’s large enough for a cat to curl up in! πŸ˜€

When the girls did the evening cat stuff (which is when they get wet cat food), Turmeric was tucked into the bathroom until B & N were finished eating.

It was not a good night.

Normally, once the other cats are closed out, so that B & N can at least get some wet cat food, uninterrupted, that’s when they come out and eat, drink, use the litter, and play.

I don’t get a lot of sleep these days.

They couldn’t do that as much, last night. Of course, there was no other food once the bowls with the wet cat food were cleared away. Just water. At least three times during the night, I had actual cat fights happen as Turmeric went after Nosencrantz! Poor thing. Then, when I wasn’t breaking up cat fights, I was fending of Turmeric attention, as she decided the best way to get at Nosencrantz’s cubby hole was by first snuggling my face and licking my nose (because noses are delicious, apparently), then making a dash for the opening behind my night stand.

So adorable and nasty, at the same time!

I finally got some sleep, just in time for my alarm to go off. I had given myself extra time, so I figured I could set my timer for half an hour and still have time to get ready to go.

I think I forgot to hit the start button.

An hour later, I woke up and had to start scrambling! I didn’t have time to do the morning cat stuff, though once I had Turmeric in the carrier, I had enough time to put food out for the outside cats – startling away several deer in the yard – before we left.

Turmeric wasn’t too impressed with being carried, but once in the van, she settled down very quickly.

She even took a bit of a nap.

What a face.

Drop off time was for when the vet clinic opened, and I got there early – though when I checked my phone, the appointment was for a half hour later. I hadn’t needed to rush so much! No matter. They had no problem taking her when they opened.

My daughter usually has been doing this part, since the mask thing because an issue. The restriction is lifted, but there were still signs all over, stating that they were a “health care facility” and required masks.

They had zero issue with my maskless face.

The paperwork was done. The Cat Lady and her new rescue are covering the cost of the spay, while the tattoo is a clinic freebie. The pain meds for afterwards is not covered, but we might still have enough left over from when Beep Beep and Fenrir were done. I checked the bottle when I got home, and I think we’ll pick up more, just in case. The doses are low – especially for such light cats (Turmeric weighed in at just over 5 pounds) – but I’d rather have extra than not enough.

As I write this, she should be out of surgery and recovering. We’re set to pick her up at 3:30, though they’ll call us when she is ready.

Today also happens to be my and my husband’s 34th wedding anniversary. He’s not up to going out for dinner, so I’ll be picking up some pizza on the way home, courtesy of my daughter. We’ll be trying a different place this time. I’ll have enough time to drop off Turmeric and the food, then head out again to pick up our meat order. I just got the invoice this morning, and will be picking up the order this evening.

Now that’s my kind of anniversary gift! πŸ˜€

We do get a giggle out of the fact that we’re meeting up in a parking lot to get meat, like it’s some sort of drug deal. πŸ˜€

It’s going to be quite a day for running around from town to town! Worth it, though.

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “New cat bed, and Turmeric status

  1. Good god… No peace in your house.

    Your Turmeric situation reminds me of the household my Ollie came from. He was listed on Facebook by the mother of the family as a “rescue.” He’d already been placed in another home but, had been returned (I never knew that story).

    This family had an alpha female that was very attached to the dad of the family. She would attack the other cats if they got too close to the dad. There were seven or eight cats, total, in the house…all indoor cats. Ollie had been attacked, several times and he has a permanently damaged right ear.

    I took him and they were in the process of giving away other cats, presumably to protect them from the alpha. I would have given away the alpha and kept the remaining good natured cats…but, that is just me.

    Turmeric sounds much the same…courting attention from you and attacking other cats close to you.

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    • Oh, what a story! I’m glad you were able to give Ollie a better life.

      I think Turmeric will do much better with no other cats, or maybe just one. We have similar issues with Tissue, who is next in line. Nosencrantz is such a potato, you could forget she’s even around until she suddenly emerges. She is a real sweet natured cat.


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