Cat adoption update

I heard from the Cat Lady today. Now that Turmeric has had time to recover from her surgery, it’s time to put her profile up on the adoption list at the Cat Lady’s new rescue site. She was asking for a little write up to include, so I got one of my daughters to make one up. She’s much better at that than I am (and funnier, too!).

I also too a more recent photo of Turmeric, since the last ones I sent her were from the trip to and from the vet, so they weren’t the most flattering! 😀

I disturbed her cuddles with her mother. 😀

The Cat Lady also sent us a photo of Cabbages.

Her phone’s camera takes much better pictures than mine does!

Don’t you just want to boop that little pink nose? ❤

She was cooking more chicken for Cabbages at the time she messaged me. That cat is really living the high life with them! I’m so glad they ended up deciding to keep her themselves. They fought so hard to save her life!

What an amazing family.

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