We’re at -1C/30F right now, with no wind chill. Which is weird, because while my app says -1, when I go to the Weather Network website, it says we’re actually at 2C/36F. Yesterday, they were forecasting a high of 0C/32F, which is what my phone app says we are. Whatever. It’s bright and sunny and warm, and there’s a whole lot of melting going on, so I suspect the website is the accurate one.

Nutmeg was quite enjoying the sun!

I headed out to tend the sun room so it wouldn’t overheat – the thermometer in there was just under 20C/68F. I’d already left the inner door to outside open, so air could get in through the partially open window in the outer door. I opened that window all the way. As I did, I could hear all sorts of cats meowing at me.

Their kibble trays were completely empty.

When I first came out, I was going to walk past to check something else, but Rosencrantz grabbed me by the ankle with both front paws and yanked, while meowing angrily!

I got the hint.

I left the door open behind me while getting the kibble. Rosencrantz went into the sun room and cautiously went for the kibble bowl that still had some food in it. Then Rolando Moon came in, and Rosencrantz attacked her!

Rolando Moon did not do well in that, and orange fur was flying. I broke them up, put food out, and they settled down, though Rosencrantz was still hissing at all the cats.

She is not a happy mama.

I checked the nest box I left out and moved it closer to where her kittens are. We’ll see what happens with that. For all the melt that’s happening, it’s not not enough to clear access to where she is.

I did do a bit of shoveling to clear the drift partially blocking driveway at the gate, as well as clearing the half of the gate that was blocked with snow. We can now close the gate again.

The deer will not be happy. 😉

Tomorrow, we are supposed to reach a high of 4C/39F. By Saturday, we’re supposed to reach 10C/50F, with some rain and snow, and yet… we are actually getting warnings of ANOTHER potential Colorado Low forming, that would hit us on the weekend.

Which would be insane.

By the time spring finally gets here and stays, it’ll almost be summer!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Melting

  1. Our temp variances are 56-100+. It was high 80s through Mon. I’ve slept with doors open (security screens closed). A breeze is blowing tonight… maybe I’ll finally get under the covers again.

    I don’t remember ever having such insane, and frequent, temp variability before!

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