Today was my day to go into the city to do part of our monthly shop. I ended up going to 4 places today, spent about as much as I usually do, but came home with a lot less groceries for our money. The non-grocery purchases were pretty much unchanged. :-/

It’s been a really long, hot day, and while we got a lot done, it feels like I got nothing done. Does that make sense?

Definitely a day to get to bed early. Which probably won’t happen, but I can daydream, can’t I? 😉

I hope my brother does make it out tomorrow morning, though knowing him, he’ll probably be leaving his place at 5 am or something. 😀 We’ll see. I have no idea if he’ll be able to fix the outlet, but we just really enjoy his company.

I’ll have to do a catch up post, some time tomorrow. I’m too exhausted to think straight right now!

The Re-Farmer

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