A furry visitor

This big bugger is why we don’t have hanging bird feeders anymore.

After this picture was taken, a skunk joined it for a while. As I write this, the skunk it still there.

This looks like the big racoon I saw a few nights ago, when I came out to see what critters were snarling out the window. A big racoon made like it was going at me, then backed off, a couple of times, while a much smaller one was at the seeds.

With the storms and winds we’ve been having, we’re not seeing a lot of birds at the feeding station right now. Even the open ground where the seeds are gets filled with water enough to wash the seeds up against the grass.

I’m not seeing the groundhogs very often anymore, either. I think their dens are flooded out, and they’ve moved on. There was the one that dug a den under the mock orange against the house I was seeing more often. I’ve been pushing the dirt back into the hole regularly, and I think I’ve finally won the battle. It hasn’t been re-dug for a few days. Hopefully, that means our garden is safer from them this year!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “A furry visitor

  1. Racoon are mean beasts. I’ve had at least one wander up looking to see if there is any food left in the cat colony’s bowls. I try to make sure to feed the cats early enough that all is eaten as I don’t want to risk any of the cats being harmed.Though most of the time they simply back off and watch, the kittens may not. I’ll be glad when our turn comes around and I can get rabies shots for the colony.

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    • They certainly can be, though last year, when I caught one up the pole and eating out the bird feeder, it froze and I was actually able to (very cautiously!) pet it. My sister had babies in her garage one year and had them crawling all over her. This big bugger, however, does look to be an aggressive one!

      So far, the racoons and cats don’t seem to be around at the same time. The cats back off when the skunks come around, and the kittens run and hide from everything, so hopefully, there will be a truce among them.

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