Looking a little round, there…

I was able to get a picture of Rosencrantz while feeding the outside cats this morning.

She is looking decidedly round.

I’m positive she lost a litter of kittens, when things were still frozen and I couldn’t get into the old freezer in the junk pile where she was. Not that things are thawed out, I haven’t tried to getting into there. I don’t want to find what I’m sure is there.

So I’m not surprised that she is looking pregnant again.

Caramel is also looking really round. I would have expected her to have had a litter at around the same time as the other cats, but who knows.

While feeding the cats, I made sure to put some kibble into the cats’ house. The bowl is just inside the entry, for as little disturbance as possible. The kittens are still really close to the entrance, so I did end up startling them a bit but, so far, the mother isn’t looking like she’s going to move them away because of it.

The other kittens are out and about and playing a lot more. While they are usually under the cats’ house, I don’t think that’s their “nest”. I saw their mama calling them and leading them off – well after they’d all had time to eat. They didn’t go far, though, as I saw some of them playing on the laundry platform again.

The one downside of the kittens hanging out in or under the kibble house is that it means we can’t open it up to clean it out without disturbing them.

No matter. As long as it gets done before winter, it should be fine. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Looking a little round, there…

  1. I saw BlackCat (feral male) following Noob (unfixed feral female) tonight. Getting my trap back from the neighbors who were supposed to get her fixed, so I can get her fixed, just became a higher priority!

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