Greetings, human! Feed us!

Look who was waiting for me this morning!

Every morning, the mamas gather outside the sun room door, waiting for me to come out with the kibble. Usually, at least one of the bigger kittens are with them, too. This morning, the little kittens were there, too!

I was even able to pick up and cuddle a couple of them, while their mamas stayed well away.

Even the big kittens are coming around in the mornings! These ones are more cat-tens than kittens. 😉 Just look at the size of that tabby! You can see the black and white, under the spirea. The tuxedo was around, too.

The littler ones have been hanging around the kibble house and in front of the sun room, playing enthusiastically. Hopefully, the older kittens will start coming around and staying, too.

Oh! Last night, while crossing the outer yard, I might have, maybe, possibly, seen a kitten following Broccoli into the tall grass. The first possible sign of her litter.

I suspect we’re going to be seeing a lot more new kittens showing up at the kibble house over the next few weeks.

The Re-Farmer

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