I see you!

With the groundhogs having completely torn apart and removed most of the old tarp covering the board pile, the old tire rim that was being used to keep it from blowing away isn’t needed anymore.

The kittens love playing in, under and around it, though, so it stays!

It’s also a secure place where they can watch the giant, food bearing creature that sometimes picks them up and does nice scritchy things to their ears.

I see you!

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “I see you!

  1. Kitten faces are always so adorably cute. One of the females of the colony who didn’t get caught is not very heavily pregnant. So when the guy returns, she will have to wait longer as I believe her litter will have been born by then. Its okay..if this litter is as adorable and friendly as the first maybe I can find homes for some as we did before.

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    • Finding homes is the hard part! The first year we tried adopting out yard kittens, we had some success, but there has been zero interest, since. Even the rescue that’s helping us has pretty much given up and is focusing on spays and neuters. A lot of people who adopted animals during the lockdowns are now surrendering them, so there is a glut of animals available for adoption right now. 😦


      • Same here. Local shelters are holding clear the shelter events because they are so full they can’t accept any more. That is another reason I readily accepted the trap neuter return. Knowing once they are all taken care of, the colony wouldn’t grow, even though one of the adults is very pregnant, I mean, ready to drop pregnant. But, her other litter had the two lovely babies that were so loving and did get adopted so maybe..

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      • After several years, we finally connected with organizations to help, and they can’t accept any more animals anymore. Even finding enough fosters has been hard.


  2. giant food bearing creatures…… If they’re like my college cat, Pest, it won’t be long before it will be “Hey! Biped with the thumbs, fetch me my feathered toy…and be quick about it…” 🙂

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