So many kitties!

We had some rain this morning, which made the temperatures much more pleasant outside, though it did start heating up again awfully fast. We dipped to a low of 10C/50F overnight, and are expected to hit 29C/84F by this evening!

When I headed out this morning, there were many, very hungry kitties waiting for me.

Even Ghost Baby was waiting. She was so very wet, and so hungry, she didn’t run away! She jumped onto the roof of the cat house and hissed at me, but stayed close. So I made sure to put some kibble on the roof for her, and she dove right in.

The bitty kitties are no longer in the board pile, so I brought the trays I was using for food and water over to the kibble house. The cats like having a bit more space between them when eating.

I toss a couple of handfuls of kibble into the shelf shelter, and this little tabby was quite happy with that!

This is the black and white that I have not been able to touch. It usually runs off as soon as it sees me, but with the food tray on the ground, it was willing to hide under the kibble house and eat at the same time.

Hungry babies!

Hungry Ghost Baby, still eating, even as I kept moving around her, leaving kibble in the usual spots. She didn’t even run away when I used the hose on the water bowls!

I so want to socialize this one. She looks like she’s having a rough time of things. 😢

The Re-Farmer

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