Safe at home

Potato Beetle did well at the vet, and back home again.

He came out of the carrier, active and alert, and immediately going for cuddles – then food!

We’re supposed to keep him from eating too much, but he is good at self regulating, so it’s easy to do.

While they had him, he was looked over. I had mentioned he was favouring a front leg. They did find a puncture wound and some swelling, and he got a 14 day slow release antibiotic inject – on a rear leg! I never even noticed him favouring that leg in all the time he’s been in the sun room.

Though we had been told he’d need 4 days to recover, but when I picked him up, I was told to try and keep him quiet for 7 – 10 days. So that’s more time with him in the sun room. More time for him to put some weight on, without being harassed by the visiting toms. I do have some concerns. Without his nibs, he should be more passive. I’m hoping the toms will somehow recognise he’s not a “threat” to them when it comes to spreading his genes, and they will leave him alone.

Now, we just have to reschedule the ladies. I’ve kept the Cat Lady updated and their spays are still on the books.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Safe at home

  1. I can’t believe I managed to kepp ALL the cats indoors during Toonces’ 3day “recovery”! They were SO happy to get out today!

    Good luck with PB. I don’t know what happened (gotta go read posts) but thx for getting get care!!

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