Now and then

While putting about the yard and doing my evening rounds, I was seeing more kittens closer to the house.

In early July, we found this little guy, cold, wet and alone in the yard. He was reunited with his mother, and then we didn’t see him for many weeks.

Now he comes to the kibble house on his own!

So handsome! And so densely fluffy looking!

The kitten in the background is, I believe, from the same litter that has been hanging around the house for some time, sibling to the calico that preferred to hang out with the bitty kitties. Either that, or it’s a new kitten from a completely different litter.

I saw the tuxedo that is sibling to the black and white but couldn’t get a picture. He kept running behind things and hiding from me.

The important thing is, kittens are getting to know where they can find reliable food, even if their mothers aren’t comfortable being around us. In fact, I think I may have seen a completely new little tabby with more caramel colour to its fur.

By winter, we should finally have an idea of just how many yard cats we now have!

The Re-Farmer

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