Morning kitties

It is so fun to putter round the yard, and see kittens playing all over the place!

Some of the mamas are pretty ornery towards them, too. Especially Junk Pile, who just hissed at the cringing black and white kitten. It had jumped up into the kibble house and she did not like that at all!

Junk Pile looks like she’s pregnant again. Which might explain the orneriness, except she’s usually ornery at the best of times.

I’ve also seen the toms spending way too much time following Broccoli around.

This is a really bad time of year for any more kittens. It’s unlikely they would survive the winter. 😥

Junk Pile’s kittens are hanging out more often, along with their second mom. They made short work of the kibble on that tray!

After we’ve finished painting the stairs, that insulator water dish will be moved back beside them. I missed the shot, but that black and white kitten had been balancing on top of it, drinking water. It’s easier for them to reach while sitting on a step.

I haven’t yet looked to see if there are paw prints in the paint or not. 😁

The Re-Farmer

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