I went to check out some distressed sounding mews, and found Broccoli Baby in one of the elm trees by the sidewalk. She seemed to not like the “getting down” process.

I was able to walk past her on the sidewalk, and she just watched me from here, ready to run off in a moment. Which is progress!

I also caught sight of a couple of kittens in the big junk pile, with Rosencrantz nearby. I saw the white one with the mostly orange head, and behind it I clearly saw the kitten I’d only seen shadows of, earlier. Just it’s head, really. It looks like we have another tortie.

I am guessing that they are Rosencrantz’s second litter. We never did find out what happened with her first litter, but whatever it was, with everything still frozen, their chances for survival were low from the start. Now, she has four more, and they are looking strong and healthy. At their small size, and having them coming to the kibble tray under the shrine already, I’m hoping we’ll have better luck socializing them, than we’ve had with Broccoli Baby and the other older kittens!

The Re-Farmer

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