Kitties of the Morning

So many kitties!

I had quite the crowd this morning! One of the little black and whites apparently wasn’t hungry, so it hung out, out of frame.

Do you see the catten (that’s what I call our “teenagers” – not quite an adult, but too big to call a kitten anymore!) on the right? Over the counterweight? That’s the one that looks like it’s going to be big and bushy, like David. If we can socialize it, we have a forever home waiting already. One of my SIL’s really, really wants a David. 😂 Unfortunately, it’s one of the shier ones!

The catten climbing up into the kibble house is another shy one that we see pretty rarely.

Rosencrantz and her crew had company this morning! The catten that looks quite a bit like Junk Pile – but with a distinctive black lower lip! This one tends to show up alone, and I’ve yet to see it with any of the adults in a familial way. Here, Rosencrantz tolerated it for a very short time.

Also, I managed to get that tortie to look at me while taking the photo. What a cutie!!!

Here we have it. Finally! A photo with all five of Rosencranctz’s kittens in one shot! The spotted one on the far left tends to hang back while the others go for the food, and tends to be the first one to run off when I come around.

So. Many. Bebbies!

The Re-Farmer

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