Morning bebbies

So much cuteness in the the morning!

This little guy just LOVES attention, and wants to play with the Giant Food Givers!

I’m hoping these ones will get used to me if I keep coming over while they eat.

I was actually able to touch the tortie this morning! Granted, it was in the process of leaving when I did, but it did stop for a moment before hissing and continuing on.

Did I mentioned this one loves attention?

He actually trapped me. I bent over to reach something, he went onto my back, then settled. I couldn’t straighten without either dropping him, or ending up with a scratched back. When I tried to reach him, he rolled into my arm and I ended up in an even more difficult position, trying to keep him from falling onto the concrete floor! Thankfully, I’d been able to reach my phone in my pocket and had already sent a message to the family, asking for assistance. ๐Ÿ˜„ My husband was able to come out and remove the bebby. Who did NOT want to be left behind! I had to dash in and rush – carefully! – to close the door.

Yeah. I’m a suck.


The Re-Farmer

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