Morning babies… including a green baby!

Going out in the mornings is such fun these days! There are so many babies to see.

Granted, most of them are not as willingly photogenic as this little model of mine!

What a cutie!

These ones are willing to pause for pictures, as long as I don’t get too close!

I’m not sure where the tortie was hiding.

The love to play in the holes in the shrine’s base.

As these little guys aren’t up to going to the kibble house, yet, I brought over a bowl for water as well as kibble. Now that they are eating solid food regularly, I figured Rosencrantz could do with less kitties still nursing because they are thirsty.

While working in the garden, I spotted an adorable little green baby on a corn leaf.

Can it be any cuter? 💚🐸

It was about as big around as a quarter.

My daughters have been getting tree frogs visiting their window for most of the summer. The same three frogs, in small, medium and large! 😄 This one falls under the “small” category.

I love tree frogs. They are so adorable!

The Re-Farmer

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