David, the Magnificent

Y’know, when we first brought David into the house, because his eyes were so bad he needed so many treatments, he had a different title. We called him F’d Up David, because… well, he really was pretty f’d up!

Now look at him. Isn’t he just…

… magnificent!

We had been using these bins to carry around tomatoes or crab apples, with the shredded paper on the bottom to keep them from falling through the openings on the sides and bottoms, and to absorb any moisture after washing them. While working with the crab apples, I’d set one said on a shelf to get it out of the way until I finished, only to discover a cat in it.

It has become David’s favourite place to sleep. He can turn himself into a pretzel, and not fall off the shelf.

So we’ve left the bin on the shelf.

Because we’re sucks when it comes to the cats.

The Re-Farmer

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