Morning fog

We had quite a fog roll in last night, and it was still quite dense when I went out to do my morning rounds.

Starting with feeding the kitties, of course.

Rosencrantz’s five were together, but no sign of Rosencrantz.

We can’t get at the one with the orange head to check it’s eye. ๐Ÿ˜”

Then I aw a white and grey kitten come out from under the cat’s house, see me, and go hiding again. With these ones still under the shrine, that meant it was one of the pump shack kittens! I don’t know how many of them are coming to the house. I still drop kibble off in a tray in front of the door, but I don’t go in. I do hear noises from inside, so at least some of them are still using the pump shack.

It was so beautiful with the fog this morning!

While checking the gate and switching out the trail cam memory card, I had a whole bunch of kitties following me. Five of them started playing around the “bridge” over the little drainage ditch leading to the culvert, and at least one more had gone the other way and was playing in the hold hay yard.

Then there was this guy.

He much prefers to be on a human!

He is so very tiny. ๐Ÿงก

The Re-Farmer

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