The girls had set up a next in a laundry basket for the bitty kitties, which they promptly climbed out of. Last night, we kept them in the cat carrier for the night, to be safe (and I got some sleep!).

Butterscotch does NOT like the kittens. She hisses and runs away from them, clearly very unhappy. Nosencrantz growls and them, but won’t go near them. Cheddar sees them and runs away.

Then… there’s Leyendecker.

He has claimed the laundry basket as a bed.

He will chase after them and insists on grooming them. When he lay in the basket, I put the bitties in with him, and he immediately starting licking them both!

The kittens are quite active as I write this. And loud! They are wandering all over my office/bedroom as I write this. I got the heat pad for under seedling trays out. It’s water proof, so I put it under their bowl of formula. The little black and white one, which is more content to turn into a loaf and just sit for a while, discovered it. 😁

The grey and white tabby is definitely the more active one, and rarely settles for more than a few moments. It’s very talkative, too!

It’s coming up on 9:30am as I write this. The cat lady was hoping to get here by about 10am. Not much longer before we’ll be saying goodbye to the bitties, and turning them over to her tender loving care. She’ll be able to get them checked by a vet, too.

Oh, a bitty is crying by my feet now. Gotta watch out when I roll back my office chair, that’s for sure!

The Re-Farmer

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