With our plans for the day, I headed out earlier than usual to do my morning rounds.

I am not a morning person, but sometimes…

Sometimes, it’s worth it!

I did discover a kitten got missed when we closed up the sun room last night. With the work we did in there yesterday, there wasn’t the usual bowls of food and water in there – just a bit of kibble under the swing bench. I’d also emptied the sun room litter box, but won’t be setting it up again until we’re done with cleaning and winterizing the sun room, which means there’s now more mess to clean up. Ah, well. It was one of the non-socialized white and grey kittens, so it wouldn’t let me reach it to take it out. I left the door open while setting out the kibble and water, and it STILL didn’t want to go outside!

If finally did, though, and joined its siblings and cousins for a morning feast.

I didn’t even try to do a head count this morning! 😂

The Re-Farmer

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