It’s funny, but…

As I write this, we are currently at -21C/-6F, with a wind chill of -32C/-26F. Which means it’s that time when I start seeing this going around online.

This is, of course, wrong in places. There is no “last cookout of the season.” Winter is the best time to have a cookout, regardless of temperature! Especially at midnight on New Year’s. πŸ˜„

Yeah, it’s funny, but…

I also saw a post from someone who doesn’t live very far from us. Their furnace is fueled by natural gas. It stopped working last night.

The natural gas chilled to a gel, and stopped flowing.

I didn’t know natural gas could do that.

Someone else tried to drag out a hose to fill their animal’s water troughs, but the hose froze before they got there.

Thank God we’re going to be warming up and staying mild for at least the next week to ten days!

The Re-Farmer


3 thoughts on “It’s funny, but…

  1. Well, all the Calif things actually happen at far warmer temps. SoCal pretty much shuts down around 45F!

    I had no idea about gas turning to gel!!

    It’s a chilly 57F right now. I was happy that my hair dye stayed thick. When I used it on a 101F day, it ran like water and instantly stained everything as I lost control of the situation!


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