Got my goat!

I like little things.

The dash of our vehicles is decorated with faux jewels and tiny plastic animals, set up in amusing poses. At least it did until we prepped it for trade in (it’s going to be scrapped if that happens, so we left the faux jewels. 😁) Across the top of my monitor, I’ve got a row of tiny Kinder Egg dinosaurs and a couple of tiny chickens. As we cleared the house of my parents’ stuff, we found other tiny objects that we kept, ranging from toys they had for the grandkids, to miniature decorative plates and so on and I also kept.

Under my monitor, I had a number of tiny objects, such as a miniature treadle sewing machine, unique little rocks and pebbles, and tiny toy animals.

Note I said “had”.

Nosencrantz discovered them.

I keep finding them on the floor, so I started to hide them under my keyboard.

I am now regularly awakened by the sound of her scratching under my keyboard, trying to get at them!

This morning, she got my goat.

She even chewed off a leg!

We just got them a bunch of new toys, but nooooo…. she had to go and get my goat!

Why is she so determined to get these tiny animals???

The Re-Farmer


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