Gooby really wanted attention this morning!

Of the 25 cats I counted this morning, that did not include any visiting toms. I usually see Sad Face wandering around later, or in the sun room, eating.

I just got back from doing the evening feeding of the outside cats. With how warm it’s been, I’m actually seeing the sun room completely empty when I check it through the bathroom window. Just before I headed out, I did see two cats on the swing bench. One of them turned out to be The Distinguished Guest. I’ve not seen him much at all lately, and even then, it’s been in passing.

The poor thing was looking in rough shape before, but he’s looking even worse now. When I came into the sun room, he jumped down and squeezed out the doors, so it was the best look I’ve been able to get of him in ages. He’s a long haired cat, but his tail has been looking very thin, and now I’m thinking there’s either fur missing, or grey muck is stuck to it. I tried not to spook him as I went out, but he still moved away towards the storage house. Slowly. His movements are stiff, and he’s got a limp. His fur is looking quite scraggly.

I don’t know where he spent the cold snap we had; I did see glimpses of him, but I don’t think he was using any of the other shelters around the yard. I’m afraid Sad Face has been attacking him and chasing him off. I suspect right now he’s dealing with both the effects of the recent cold we’ve had, and getting beat up by Sad Face.

I did see both of them in the sun room not that long ago, though. It took me a while to be sure it was The Distinguished Guest on the swing bench, as we now have a long haired tuxedo that I’m sure is his son, and they’re about the same size now. Sad Face was ignoring him in favour of food. If that was how the two would behave all the time, I would be much happier!

As for tonight, after I topped up the food bowls, TDG sat and waited by the storage house, then started to limp his way back. Hopefully, he’ll make his way back into the sun room and settle in for the night, without trouble, and spend time time resting and recovering, with food and water nearby.

When TDG first showed up here, he actually allowed us to pet him. I’m still sure he was dumped. Unfortunately, over time, he has become more feral, not less, and there is very little we can do to help him, beyond what we are already doing. Poor thing. 😥

The Re-Farmer


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