Not the only one!

Checking the trail cam files this morning, I discovered our piebald deer isn’t the only one that got attacked by burrs!

These had gone by just before I got to the camera, and I never saw them!

That one deer not only has a tail full of burrs, but more stuck on its face.

I also saw our piebald caught on the gate cam, but only going in, so I couldn’t see if her tail was still full of burrs.

In other things, I’m still hoping to get a call of approval about financing the vehicle, so when the phone started ringing this morning, I was quick to answer.

I should have known better, considering how early in the morning the first call came in.

It was one those recorded “I’m Dave from Amazon…” scam messages. It’s bad enough that they call so early in the frikkin’ morning, but we got the same call again! It was the exact same recording, but call display showed it was from a different number.


Meanwhile, I’m happy to say that we now have two more drum gourds germinating, both in the same pot. They’re not quite free of the soil, yet, so I haven’t tried to take picture, yet. The first two are looking nice and strong. We also had a new little pepper sprouting in the pot with the first one that sprouted. There’s still one cell with no sprouts at all, and still no sign of the zucca melon. They can take quite a long time to germinate, but with how cold the house is, even on the heat mate and under the lights, I think it’s still a bit chillier than they prefer. We shall see.

I’m not going to spend the rest of the day with the phone chained to my hip… 😂

The Re-Farmer


4 thoughts on “Not the only one!

    • Such a pain!! And there’s no use even blocking them, since their numbers constantly change.

      Yesterday, I got a call on me cell phone, of all things, which normally can’t get a signal here. After mutual hellos, I asked who it was, and he asked me who I was. Turns out, he had just missed a call from my cell phone number (which I do not give out), and he’d hit redial and called me back. I told him I didn’t call, and that I barely even get call phone signal where I am, but obviously, it was my number or he couldn’t have called me. I’ve had this happen before, when we were still living in the city, and I actually had someone angry about my calling them and refused to believe me when I said I hadn’t. *sigh*

      These scammers are pretty brazen!

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  1. My phone company has actually started filtering out some spam and labeling the rest “scam likely”. It got to the point where I wouldn’t answer my phone anymore unless it was a number I had in my contacts. I also put my phone on do not disturb at night after a certain time with certain people set to override that in case of emergency. (Like my husband and parents)

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    • The Amazon scam calls were to our land line. We get those ones, and the “we’re calling about your computer” calls on that line. When my cell phone rings, it always startles me, because I rarely make outgoing calls with it, and almost never get incoming calls.

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