Pretty poser, possible new addition, still making space, and feedback request

Look who followed me this morning!

This photo really highlights that mix of white and black fur he has! When the light doesn’t get these stark contrasts, he looks like a grey old man. 😄

Also, the poor bugger has SO many burrs hiding in the long fur. Every chance I got to pet him, I’d try to pull some more out, but I keep finding more. He’s got a big clump on his chest, and I found an even bigger one at the back of his belly. There’s another big one behind one of his ears, though I’m not sure if that’s a burr, or a matt of fur. We’re going to have to take scissors to this poor guy!

Speaking of poor guys. Or gals.

The girls can hear stuff outside from upstairs much better than on the ground floor, so when my younger daughter went flying out of the house, I figured it was to break up another cat fight. It was over by the time I joined her, but it was not what I expected. I figured The Distinguished Guest and Shop Towel were at it again, but nope. It was Rolando Moon…

And another orange cat.

A long haired orange cat.

Rolando Moon was in the tree in front of the kitchen window, with a tuft of long orange fur stuck in her teeth.

I got it out for her.

The cat had run away behind the storage house and, as we watched, I spotted it crossing the snow behind the pump shack. I realize I have seen this cat before. About a week or so ago, as I head up the driveway while doing my morning rounds, a cat exploded out from under the garage door and went running across the old hay yard, disappearing behind the shed and barn. With the sun rise behind it, I wasn’t sure if it was an orange cat, or a grey one, but I was leaning towards orange. All I knew for sure is that this was not a cat I’d seen before. Seeing the long haired orange walking across the snow in better light yesterday evening, I think it’s the same cat I saw before.

We’ve had long haired orange cats here before, and I have old pictures and video of one particularly mean bugger from the last time we visited the farm before my father passed away. It’s been a few years, though. Since moving here, we’ve gone from having almost all orange yard cats to only one – Rolando Moon, who is also among those photos I took so many years ago.

So it’s possible we might get a new addition to the yard cats (I counted 23 or 24 this morning). That’s assuming Rolando Moon doesn’t drive it away!

On another note, I was able to spend some more time cleaning up old blog posts to free up media storage space. I completely forgot just how many photo posts I made over the years! For a while, I was doing both Critter of the Day and Photo of the Day posts at the same time. While a lot of these posts are basically just a picture with maybe a line of text, some of them had four or five photos each.

No wonder I’ve been running out of storage space!

As I go further back, though, a lot more are full blog posts that also have a whole lot of critter photos added in. I’ve been leaving those. I also left the ones where the images are stored on Flickr. I still have more to go through, but I did manage to free up more storage space. As the seasons progress this year, the photo heavy gardening and progress posts I used to do will be a thing of the past, or I’m going to be facing the same problem in a very short time. I’ll be putting things together into videos, instead. As far as I can tell, YouTube and Rumble don’t have any storage limits.

It was a bit nostalgic going through those old photos before deleting them off of WordPress. There was one really good photo of Nicky the Nose’s face, looking directly at the camera. Gosh, Nosencrantz looks so much like him! No DNA test needed to confirm paternity! We haven’t seen Nicky the Nose for a couple of years, now. I found some old photos of Shop Towel, looking younger and less beat up, along with other toms that used to visit, but no longer do. Quite a few of our own yard cats that have disappeared in there, too. Seeing pictures of Keith as a kitten brought back memories. We sure miss him.

There are so many good photos. I can see why I posted them, and hate to have to remove them. I want to find some way to bring them back.

Hhmmm… What are your thoughts on this idea. If we were to use some of these photos on a site like Red Bubble, where they could be printed on demand on things like mugs, clothing, journals, clocks, stickers, etc., with all proceeds of sales going towards the care and feeding of the cats, how do you think that would go over? Would you buy, say, a cell phone case with beautiful bird picture on it? Or a notebook with a picture of a deer sticking its tongue out? Or a t-shirt with a cat photo?

Or maybe you have some other idea for these photos to suggest?

The Re-Farmer


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