Where do you share?

Views and follows of this blog have been slowly growing over the years. A bit thank you and welcome to those who most recently joined the family! I really appreciate that there are people out there who are enjoying what they find here enough to hit that follow button! I hope you find things interesting and useful. 😊

One of the things WordPress does in their “insights” section is show how many shares the blog gets, and where they are shared to. It’s no surprise that Facebook and Pinterest shares are pretty high on the list – they’re pretty much equal for second and third place among platforms shared to the most. I was rather surprised to see that shares to Telegram pretty much blow away everything else. There are almost twice as many shares to Telegram than all other platforms put together!

Which has me curious.

If you share my posts, where do you share them to, and why do you share to that particular platform? Also, what kinds of posts inspire you to hit that share button?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

The Re-Farmer


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