Snow kidding!

Every spring, around this time, there’s usually at least one big snowstorm.

Even knowing that, it was a bit of a surprise to see our temperatures above freezing, and a snowfall warning at the same time. Especially when my app was saying “snow will continue for X number of minutes”, and we had no snow falling at all.

Well, the snow has reached us.

There is a storm coming up from the US, and the southern areas are expected to get 10-15cm (4-6 inches) of snow.

We will be getting the snow, but not as much, and not the storm conditions.

I don’t think the cats were happy about it when I came out to top up their food!

The snow is supposed to stop during the night. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit colder. Hopefully, road conditions will still be good. I just made arrangements to go to my mother’s and help her with her Easter shopping!

The Re-Farmer


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