God bless good neighbours!

So… the road got plowed last night.

They did a great job on the road, but that plow ridge. Oy! I knew it needed to be cleared before things warmed up, then froze again into a solid mass. This morning, at least, it was still relatively soft. Just really deep!

I came back with the snow shovel and the ice scraper. I used the ice scraper to break up the packed snow and large chunks in the plow ridge, then shoveled it away, little by little. My goal was to make a space wide enough to drive through, but first I did about half that width, just to dig my way to the road. Then I started digging my way back clearing the other half.

Part way through, I realized I was being watched from the road!

Two deer were very perplexed by my activities!

While I was out there, my daughter also came out and got little Spewie going. She started clearing the space in front of the garage. The snow is no longer sticky, but a lot harder than it was yesterday, so it was tough going on that poor little snow blower. I saw her having to go back into the garage quite a few time to flick the switch on the power bar back on.

Then, and angel swooped in.

While I was still shoveling away, our neighbour with the plow attachment on his truck drove up. Once I realized he was dropping his plow and turning into our driveway, I grabbed the shovel and ice scraper and moved out of the way.

In just a few minutes, he did what would have taken us all day, just to get a path wide enough to drive through!

He even drove out and reversed all the way back down the driveway, so he could clear the area in front of where we store the lawn mowers and snow blower, which he couldn’t access from the other direction. Then, last of all, he widened the space at the end of the driveway!

He didn’t even stop to let me thank him. I shouted my thanks, anyway, and he just waved and kept going.

What an absolute sweetheart!

Also… I want a truck with a plow attachment like his! What a beast, and he could make that thing dance. 🤍🤍

The Re-Farmer


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