When I headed out to top of the cats’ food outside last night, I saw Judgement coming over well after the other cats had gathered.

He was limping.

He was barely putting any weight at all on one of his front legs. He was also acting unusually nervous when I tried to come close – normally, he’s all for the pets! – but even when I did, I could not see an obvious wound. There might have been a puncture – possibly a bite – but there was no blood or anything like that.

Unfortunately, in trying to get close, I ended up spooking him, which made a noise, which spooked all the other cats, and they all exploded in every direction. Including Judgement.

Which meant he was running in a panic on an injured foot.

I let the family know so we’d all keep an eye out for him. This morning, I saw lots of kitties…

… but no Judgement.

The girls did their rounds early this morning, too, and saw no sign of him, either.

I hope he’s okay!

I did get a chance to look at the tuxedo’s paws as he followed me around today, and sometimes rolled on the ground. Yesterday, I’d seen a bit of blood on one toe, but there isn’t any now. He even let me remove a burr from his tail. Just one of the many stuck in his tail, but one is better than none!

I’m going to go worry about Judgement all day now, though. 😥

The Re-Farmer

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