For an unknown cat

Well, it’s done.

It took me a while to figure out where to start digging. I wanted to bury our stranger someplace with no chance of traffic. I decided on the end of the flower bed by the vehicle gate, near one of my mother’s specialty lilacs. There’s a tree stump near there, which we plan to convert into a seat.

I couldn’t dig too deep, as I was hitting tree roots and rocks pretty quickly, so I found a board I could put on top. Mostly, to prevent critters from digging things up.

Once the grave was dug, I went and got our stranger, and was able to use the garden fork to lift him out of the old dog house. It’s the first time I had a good look at him. Gosh, he was a beautiful cat. I wish we could have taken care of him.

Well, giving him a pretty resting place is the best we can do. Once the board was in place, I raided the rock pile for some stones to weigh it down. Soon, this area will have my mother’s tall, yellow flowers growing around it, and the lilac leafing out and blooming above it. Hopefully, fairly soon, we’ll also have a pleasant seat on that stump for when we want to enjoy a nice little sit-down.

Good bye, beautiful stranger.

The Re-Farmer


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