Our 2021 Garden: a tour

It occurred to me that, while I've been posting lots of pictures of our garden, some areas get focused on more than others. As we are now in July, I figured it would be a good time to do a "tour" of all the garden, and review how things are doing so far. This is … Continue reading Our 2021 Garden: a tour

Flower Garden Progress: cardboard layer

The ornamental apples in the flower garden are very enthusiastically blooming right now! While working under it last night, I could hear a constant hum of bees over my head! I worked on layering cardboard onto the cleaned out flower garden for as long as I had light.  Most of the time was spent taking … Continue reading Flower Garden Progress: cardboard layer

Flower Garden Progress; done for the day!

It was much more pleasant working outside in the cooler temperatures!  We were heading well towards 30C today. One of the first things I wanted to do when I went back out was to empty the second tire planter and move it out. This one still had the other half of the tire attached as … Continue reading Flower Garden Progress; done for the day!

We… don’t have rain. :-(

So much for weather forecasts. For all the lower temperatures and overcast skies, and forecasts of 80% chance for rain, there has been none today.  Going into town with another errand, my daughter and I played a bit of Pokemon Go.  In the game, which is linked to local weather in some way, showed pouring … Continue reading We… don’t have rain. 😦