Flower Garden Progress: cardboard layer

The ornamental apples in the flower garden are very enthusiastically blooming right now!


While working under it last night, I could hear a constant hum of bees over my head!

I worked on layering cardboard onto the cleaned out flower garden for as long as I had light.  Most of the time was spent taking tape off the boxes.

That’s one way to use up all those boxes from moving!

I was able to clear out most of the boxes in the Old Kitchen that my sister gave me to pack up my parents’ stuff before the movers arrived.  I kept the strongest ones for packing the books and whatnot that are in the sun room when we finally get to it.  Then we started on our own moving boxes.  Getting those up the stairs from the new part basement was surprisingly dangerous.  We have to close the door behind us because it’s not safe for our cats to go down there until we start cleaning the basements out.  The door opens inward, over the steps.  There’s just no good way to open a door from a steep set of stairs while clutching a bunch of boxes that are busily working on sliding out of your grip and falling down the stairs! 😀

At least the stairs are not as steep or skinny as the ones to the old part basement!

I could really tell which boxes were ones we packed, and which the movers packed.  I was reminded, again, of what a terrible job they did. 😦  The ones packed by the movers were a lot easier to remove the tape from, though, since there was hardly any, and they didn’t make any effort to make sure it stuck to the cardboard. :-/

So this is what the flower garden looked like last night.


When I ran out of boxes again, I just stopped.  By the time I brought up more and removed the tape, it would have been full dark.

The temperatures were just perfect, though. 😀

I actually stayed out after taking this picture and started spraying the cardboard with water, more to add the weight of water, just in case a wind picked up.  The hose we were using was too short, so I found a much longer one in the garden shed (using a flashlight) and set that up.

It wasn’t until hours later that I remembered that there is another tap on the other side of the Old Kitchen.  Without the sun room to go around, that tap is much closer to the garden.

Oops. 😀

I brought up more boxes this morning – I even managed to bring up more than I actually needed.  Which is good.  More boxes available to pack up the sun room and the Old Kitchen.

This is what it looked like this morning, after I finished layering the cardboard.


Next thing to do was saturate the cardboard.

I’d grabbed a lawn sprinkler from the garden shed last night, only to have 3 others come with it.  Turns out they were tied together.  This morning, I went through them to try and figure out which was the least broken and hooked it up.


The adjustment was jammed in one position, so I took advantage of that and started from close to the house and left it there a while.  It didn’t quite reach the opposite side, plus there were voids here and there from the bushes and the clothes line platform.  After a while, I moved it to the other side.


There were still some voids, but I got more coverage in more areas missed.

After some fighting with the knob, I did eventually get the sprinkler on the “full” setting, so I could put it in the middle.


I left it there for maybe half an hour, so the whole thing got probably an hour or more of watering.

It wasn’t enough, but things were starting to heat up fast.

I didn’t get pictures yet, but after clearing out the hose, I started moving over the flax straw that was used to cover the septic tank cover for the winter, plus the straw that was in front of the cat house by the old kitchen, then started working on one of the piles of leaves my daughters had left by the garden for me.

For all the soaking it got, by the time I stopped, the cardboard was already starting to dry in many spots!

After I finish covering the cardboard, I will set up the sprinkler and have it run for the night, to make sure everything it thoroughly saturated.  Well.  At least as much as the sprinkler can reach.


This is some of what I’d pulled out of the flower garden while using the weed trimmer.

No wonder the rake kept catching on things.

I’d made the mistake, yesterday, of doing a bit of raking without gloves.  This was the result. 😦


I have learned that this is a very bad place for an open wound.  It seems everything I try to handle with my left hand (being left handed, that’s most things) hits it.

Nothing a bit of aloe vera and open air can’t handle. 🙂

It’s not even 11am yet, and already we’re at 16C, with a “real feel” of 21C.  Our high is supposed to be 23C today.

No more yard work today until things cool down.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, with a possible thunderstorm.  Which works out, since my husband has medical appointments both today and tomorrow.

While working on the garden and cleaning up today, I couldn’t help but notice all sorts of areas that we need to get into, and think; that job is going to be SO much easier, now that we have a working weed trimmer!  😀  Having the right tools makes all the difference!

The Re-Farmer

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